Wccftech Deals – 1 Yr Subscription to SitePoint for Premium Tech ELEarning

first_imgLearn a new coding language: beginners’ resources for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, MySQL & moreEnjoy new screencasts released every week, a new course every fortnight & a new e-book every month Get unlimited online access to $20,000 worth of content: 80+ e-books, 130 hours of tutorials & dozens of screencastsIncrease employability by learning new skills and languagesKey coding frameworks: Foundation, Zend Framework 2, Backbone.JS & many moreNew techniques, e.g. Google Maps API, HTML5 video w/ JavaScriptWorkplace essentials: Git, project management, WordPress, content strategy & more Share Tweet Submitcenter_img Learning is a never-ending process, one that we do on a lifelong basis. There are always new experiences to be had and new things to learn. The other day I met an 83 year old who just got their GED. Military service and a host of difficulties in life stood in his way, but he still achieved something that we wanted to. The point? He never gave up on his dream of accomplishing something, and neither should you.E-Learning, despite being mostly self-starting and not always great for absolutely everyone, can help to enable those dreams of yours. SitePoint offers a lot of fantastic subjects for you to learn. And at $19, originally $180, for a year subscription to an all you can eat course load, it’s practically a steal.Level up your skills with a subscription to SitePointYou may or may not have heard of SitePoint, and for that, you’re forgiven. They have published many web development books that are pretty well received. Now they teach professionals and budding amateurs alike new skills and ways to be better at their jobs. Massive amounts of content await for just $19.What a premium subscription to SitePoint gets you:last_img

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