Lucas Vázquez and his future in Madrid: “I want to retire at the club, but you never know …”

first_imgLucas Vázquez (28 years old) has given an interview to The Guardian in which he talks about his confinement, his titles with Real Madrid or his future. He wants to continue on target, as reported by AS, but if it is not possible he is seduced by the Premier … Return next week: “This is good news. Little by little the numbers have dropped and there is hope that we can return to normal.”Quarantine: “It is a strange feeling. We are used to competing, training, traveling, being together every day, 30 people, all the time. And now you are with yourself. Madrid sends us daily routines so that the loss of group sessions has least impact possible. “ Entertainment: “I read nutrition books, I watch series and, above all, I am with my son, who does not leave me alone. I am enjoying that part of all this. I also study English. I already have a base and I watch series, I read a little, I study grammar … I’ve been doing it for a year and a half. “Madridism: “My dream is to retire in Madrid, but in football you never know. When I was little, I always watched the Premier with my brother. He was, and is, very attractive: good football to play, that would adapt well to my characteristics and my personality”.His legendary penalty in the Milan shootout: “To be honest, I wasn’t shitting myself because I wasn’t fully aware of what was at stake. People ask me why I wanted to throw it away. I was convinced that I would score and I thought ‘why not?’. From midfield I went to the area thinking ‘mark it, mark it, mark it’. I did not know exactly where I would throw it, I like to wait. It depends a little on the movement of the goalkeeper and, if he does not move, to hit him hard and wish him to go inside. “Success: “Never, not even in my wildest dreams, did I think this. Looking back, it seems unreal. Three Champions, a League … Amazing. And I would love to do it again.”The return of football: “The most important thing is that we have to be responsible. If we can play, with the appropriate security measures, we would all love to end the season. It would be good for people, for society: for two hours they would not be thinking only of the virus. Football brings happiness. “center_img 17last_img read more