The Norwich v QPR quiz

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Fishing the North Coast: Rain on the way, Smith could open

first_imgIf you’ve been waiting for your shot at some Smith River kings, you may get your wish this weekend. It seems likely there won’t be enough rain to open the Humboldt rivers that are currently closed due to low flows, but up in Crescent City, the Smith River could come into play. According to Kathleen Zontos of Eureka’s National Weather Service, the Smith River basin could see up to two inches of rain at the coast and possibly three in the higher elevations. If that comes to fruition, the levels …last_img

Briefly Noted

first_imgHuman Body – You Smell Like a Dog:  Bloodhounds, we know, are good at telling the direction of a scent, but it turns out that humans have that ability, too.  Researchers at UC Berkeley did experiments with human subjects to see if they could tell which direction a scent came from.  Functional MRI (fMRI) was used to monitor their brain activity.  The subjects were able to tell which nostril found the scent, especially when they sniffed.  This means that the brain can judge time of arrival – as with hearing – to sense the direction of a source.  With practice, the researchers believe, we could get pretty good at it.  Source: – Most Science Papers Are Wrong:  There is less than a 50% chance that the results of any randomly chosen scientific paper are true, warns a researcher.  Personal biases, wish fulfillment, bad sampling, poor technique, conflict of interest and other biases combine to make most research findings false.  Source: New Scientist.  But how do we know that conclusion is true?Origin of Life – Light May Favor Left Hands:  Radiation from space might preferentially destroy one form of chiral molecules like amino acids, say researchers.  If amino acids were ferried to the early earth on icy dust, this may have favored one hand over the other.  But the experiments with circularly polarized light on one amino acid – leucine – produced an excess of only 2.6% – far less than the 100% purity required for life (see online book).  Source: New Scientist.Theology – Catholic Statement Worries Darwinists:  A letter from four Austrian scientists to Science Aug. 26 expressed dismay that a Viennese Cardinal said, “evolution in the neo-Darwinian sense is not true” and that there is “overwhelming evidence for design in biology.”  They called this a political move toward dogmatism and fundamentalism reminiscent of the Galileo affair.Early Man – Another Dmanisi Skull:  Another skull has been found in the republic of Georgia near Tblisi.  This one was in the best condition of the other five that had been found earlier.  The bones, a “million years older than any widely accepted pre-human remains in Europe, have provided additional evidence that Homo erectus left Africa a half-million years or more earlier than scientists had previously thought.”  That’s a lot of time for this human group to have done more than scratch, wouldn’t one think?  Source: Birds – Chickens Have Magnetic Compass:  Chickens are not so dumb; they have magnetic radar.  Two articles on EurekAlert (EurekAlert 1, EurekAlert 2) about experiments on birds with magnets and light suggest that “birds’ orientation abilities may be more complex than previously thought and that birds may be able to interpret magnetic signals by more than one mechanism.”  See also Current Biology Volume 15, Issue 16, 23 August 2005, Pages R620-R621.Amazing Bugs – Beetles Inspire Nanotechnology:  A Cornell scientist, intrigued by how beetles could adhere to leaves when threatened, decided to imitate them.  The beetles are able to take advantage of surface tension by exuding “120,000 droplets of secreted oil, each making a bridgelike contact between the beetle’s feet and the leaf.”  Each droplet is just a few microns wide, the report on Cornell University says, but in concert, they act like two wet pieces of paper sticking together.  A beetle can cling to a palm leaf with “adhesive strengths equal to a hundred times its own body weight – the human equivalent of carrying seven cars.”  Researchers are using the principle to create small, fast transistor switches.Cell Biology – Multi-Talented Telomerase:  Telomerase, the enzyme that keep DNA tips (telomeres) from unraveling, apparently does more than control the aging of a cell.  Science Now reports that it also regulates stem cells and spurs cell growth.  It can even grow hair on mice.Darwin – What Henslow Taught Darwin:  John S. Henslow, a “kindly Professor” at Cambridge and a creationist, taught Darwin how to collect plant specimens carefully and identify varieties within a species.  Henslow was the one who recommended Darwin to be naturalist on the HMS Beagle.  Four writers in Nature (436, 643-645, 4 August 2005, doi: 10.1038/436643a) believe that Darwin took the lessons he learned from Henslow with him on the voyage, and rather than use his data on varieties for demonstrating the stability of species, as Henslow did, began to entertain ideas of species transformation.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Zip Zap circus school teaches life skills

first_imgThe Baker Boys, a slapstick comedy act. Instructor Lizo James has been with thecircus for 14 years.A juggling performance in support ofWorld Aids Day. (Images: Zip Zap Circus School)MEDIA CONTACTS • Zip Zap Circus School+27 21 421 8622RELATED ARTICLES• Transforming lives through sport• SA children taught the game of life• School campaign helps change lives• Kids swap suburbs for townshipApril McAlisterWork and fun combine in the visionary concept of the Cape Town-based Zip Zap Circus School.Founded by MD Laurence Estève and artistic director Brent van Rensburg, the Zip Zap school of circus arts uses innovative methods to inspire and empower young people, equipping them with skills they can take with them into any life situation.Originally called Dare to Dream, the current name aptly originated from the mouths of children.Youngsters from all walks of life are encouraged to join the school where they learn invaluable life skills such as teamwork, trust and dedication, with the important element of fun as the foundation of all courses. Around 60 children are enrolled at any one time, and they have to learn to treat each other with tolerance and respect.Through professional training coupled with entertainment and fun, children are given an opportunity to become good citizens, to experience the world and receive recognition from audiences in other countries, thereby building their self-esteem. This allows them to fulfil their potential while they become young leaders and ambassadors for the school and for their country.There is no charge for studying at Zip Zap, thanks to assistance and sponsorship from the National Lottery Board, the Grandwest Cape Culture and Heritage Foundation, the National Arts Council, Cirque du Soleil, and others.Proceeds from the school’s performances, including corporate events, also help to fund its operations but, said Van Rensburg, they are always happy to bring more sponsors on board.A daring combinationCape Town-born Van Rensburg learned his daring aerial skills at a circus school in the suburb of Observatory between 1973 and 1978. For the next 15 years he travelled internationally, appearing under the big top and working as an instructor in France, Norway, Monte Carlo, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Denmark and the US.During December and January 1986 he worked as the late Patrick Swayze’s stunt double on the film Steel Dawn, shot in Swakopmund, Namibia.However, a back injury meant he could no longer perform and he decided to become an acrobatic instructor, completing a two-year course at the Clown College in Florida, US. After graduation he spent the next few years giving circus workshops at Club Med holiday resorts, and it was at one of these that he met his future wife.French-born Estève studied physical education after school and acquired a handful of teaching diplomas in various sports disciplines. In 1988 she completed her Masters in Science and Technology of Economy and Administration of Sports Institutions at the University de Paris IX.She learned her circus skills from Van Rensburg – they later performed as a duo trapeze act known as The Flying Classics in the Circus Gruss in France in 1991.In 1992 they returned to South Africa to pursue their dream of establishing a circus school for the Cape Town youngsters who spent most of their time on the streets.Backed by Van Rensburg’s 30 years of experience and passion for the circus, it wasn’t long before young participants were juggling, flying and tumbling, and two years later they debuted at the annual National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.Positive goalsThe school has a number of stated objectives – these are to “enhance the lives of young people who would otherwise never be exposed to the magic of the performing arts”, while entertaining audiences of all ages and from all cultures. It also aims to equip the children with the skills to live sustainably, and foster the priceless qualities of self-esteem, confidence, self-expression and mutual respect.In doing so Zip Zap works to break down cultural differences and to facilitate coexistence between all South Africans. Also, it aims to nurture talent and, using the language of the circus, develop literacy and communication.Finally, Zip Zap’s children act as ambassadors for Cape Town and South Africa.A circus way of lifeVarious courses are offered, from on-demand training at beginner level to a full-time adult course. Children begin their training at age seven, continuing through to adulthood where they may become independent performers or stay with the Zip Zap Circus School and help out in all areas pertaining to the running of the shows.Initially, young children are taught as and when they wish, with no set schedule for lessons. Here trust, teamwork and confidence using music and dance are introduced.Older children keep to a more rigid lesson schedule, which teaches them the paramount importance of teamwork and discipline in the circus environment. They may choose circus acts and receive specialised training in those areas.A full-time program is offered for adults, which teaches all the skills needed to run a circus. These include financial management; communication; healthy living, sound and video editing; sewing; choreography; rigging; circus instruction and direction; and travel planning.Zip Zap also holds an annual Trainers of Trainers short course, where instructors from Canada’s renowned Cirque du Soleil, and their colleagues from Africa and elsewhere in the world, come together to share circus teaching skills as well as knowledge and methodology.Hope for the future:The Cirque du Soleil has an outreach program, Cirque du Monde, which is active throughout the world. Zip Zap is a Cirque du Monde partner in South Africa.Cirque du Monde sponsors Zip Zap’s annual Trainers of Trainers course as well as their Ibhongolwethu project, which operates in the semi-informal township of Khayelitsha on the outskirts of Cape Town.With the help of Médecins Sans Frontières, Zip Zap staff run a programme twice a week for HIV-positive children on antiretroviral treatment. This provides children who have dealt with hardship and illness most of their lives with a sense of worth, belonging and a positive outlook for the future. The community in turn learns awareness, acceptance and understanding about HIV/Aids.The programme culminates in an annual performance at a local community centre.Local and international performancesThanks to the experience of its founders, Zip Zap’s performances are on par with international standards, and are professionally executed and highly entertaining. The team has been invited for the fourth time in as many years to perform in Paris in October, with a month-long tour of France to follow.South African fans can catch their next show at the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, Western Cape province, on 30 October 2010.last_img read more

OCWGA recognized for membership success

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) won three awards at the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Awards Banquet at Commodity Classic in New Orleans. OCWGA was awarded the inaugural NCGA “Reaching for Excellence” award, highest percentage increase award and highest numeric membership increase award.The growth in membership is a result of the creation of a young farmer membership program called The New Crop. OCWGA recruited over 800 students and young farmers, creating a 43% growth in membership.From the left, OCWGA project manager Ellen Gilliland, communications manager Stacie Seger, director of market development and membership Brad Moffitt, president Chad Kemp, and executive director Tadd Nicholson were recognized at Commodity Classic in New Orleans for their work with membership in Ohio.“After years of traditional recruitment, our membership demographics only reflected the people who are currently working on the farm,” said Brad Moffitt, OCWGA director of Membership and Market Development. “But there are many more important people in our industry that need to join us. By recruiting millennials, who we define as 15- to 35-year olds, we immediately increased our quality, quantity and diversity.”The New Crop is a sub-group of membership focused on preparing young adults and new professionals to be a part of a professional association. Through special communication, events and opportunities, students and young farmers learn more about the industry and how to be engaged with the issues that affect agriculture. A partnership with Beck’s Hybrids helped OCWGA get The New Crop off to a successful first year.“We are excited and honored to receive this award,” said Chad Kemp, OCWGA president. “But we are more excited for how the newly energized and growing membership will strengthen our association. The New Crop is the future of the industry and their leadership provides great comfort to me as a farmer.”The “Reaching for Excellence” award is presented to a state to spotlight new approaches and encourage implementation of such advances in other states facing similar challenges.last_img read more

Governor’s office intervened to end J&K kidnap drama

first_imgThe Jammu and Kashmir Governor’s office took strong exception to the detention of the father of Hizbul Mujahideen ‘commander’ Riyaz Naikoo by the local police, which led to a spate of abductions of relatives of policemen in the Kashmir Valley last week.It was on the intervention of senior officials in Governor Satya Pal Malik’s office that Naikoo’s father Asadullah was released and the impasse over the abduction of 11 relatives of policemen in south Kashmir on August 31 was brought to an end, a top source told The Hindu.A senior government official said that 32 J&K policemen had been killed this year, and most were targeted killings.He said there should be no “over-reaction” to these kinds of threats as it would trigger more panic, and the government did not want a repeat of the 1990s when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee their homes.Jammu and Kashmir has been under Governor’s rule since June 20 after the BJP pulled out of an alliance with the PDP.“The lower ranks of the police are aware of the practical aspects; they have tremendous advantage of language, location and habitation. We cannot isolate and segregate them. This happened in the case of Kashmiri Pandits. After Pandits were attacked, there was panic and most migrated to Jammu and other parts of the country,” he said.The official said Naikoo, now heading the Hizbul, suffered a blow when his deputy and field commander, Altaf Ahmed Dar alias Altaf Kachroo, one of the oldest surviving militants, was killed in an encounter with security forces in Anantnag on August 29.“Naikoo was under a lot of pressure by the Hizbul leadership to show results. In the meantime the number two Altaf was killed. Naikoo is a nominal head, the real operative was Altaf. It was Altaf who planned the abductions and put out messages to throw acid on people taking part in the panchayat elections, but he was killed the same day. In a vacuum, they require heroes. Naikoo was standing on the shoulders of Altaf. He is badly bruised now,” he said. After Altaf was killed, 11 relatives of policemen were abducted.“Some elements in the security forces believed that Naikoo’s father need not have been picked up. Or if he was detained, he could have been interrogated and released. His father being kept in police custody was another irritant and this led to a series of abductions,” said the official.Another official said militants were feeling the heat as J&K police are at the forefront of the counter-insurgency operations.“Police reacted in a professional way; there was sufficient pressure on the militants. If they had harmed the relatives, there were other levers working…they knew it was not a good bargain. They are riled that J&K police are upfront in operations,” said the official.K. Vijay Kumar, Adviser to the J&K Governor told The Hindu that J&K policemen understood the challenges.“I myself had the feedback of several ranks of police including the constabulary. All of them are standing firm and strong. The professionalism has not come down,” Mr. Kumar said.He said the government was working on an improved package for the policemen.“Home Minister Rajnath Singh has suggested to the Governor to declare more compensation and better accommodation facilities to boost the morale of the policemen. This is being worked on,” he said.last_img read more

Six schoolchildren killed in M.P. bus-van collision

first_imgSix school children and a driver were killed while 11 others were injured when a bus collided with a school van at Birsinghpur in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday, a police official said. Five children were among those injured and two of them are in a critical condition, police said. Police had earlier claimed that eight persons, including seven school children, were killed in the accident. “Six children- four boys and two girls- aged between 10 and 15-years, travelling in the school van and its driver were killed on the spot when they were on their way to school,” Satna district Superintendent of Police (SP) Santosh Singh Gaur said. The accident took place around 8.30 a.m., he said adding the school van was completely damaged in the collision. The deceased children were students of Lucky Convent School in Birsinghpur, about 40-km from the district headquarters, Mr. Gaur said. According to the officer, due to the impact of the collision, both the vehicles turned turtle. The bus was going to Chitrakoot from Rewa. The SP said that a magisterial inquiry has been ordered into the accident.last_img read more

Left, Congress reject Mamata Banerjee’s appeal for unity

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s appeal to the Left parties and Congress to come together with her Trinamool Congress to fight the Bharatiya Janata Party has generated lukewarm response from them.At the same time, Trinamool Congress MLA and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Tapas Roy raised a point of information during proceedings of the State Assembly on Thursday and said that the unity call of the Chief Minister was distorted by a section of media. Leader of the Left legislature party Sujan Chakraborty objected to it and said that point of information cannot be raised on a matter which has been reported in media. Mr. Chakraborty demanded that he be allowed to speak and later walked out of the House along with Congress MLAs. Speaking to reporters in the State Assembly, Mr. Roy said the essence of Chief Minister’s address in the House on Wednesday was in the context of the situation in the country and in West Bengal and not in terms of electoral alliances. “We cant say about the Congress but the CPI(M) is under no compulsion of saving @Mamataofficial’s career. She has lost moral right of giving this call of fighting the BJP in Bengal. The TMC does not have any credibility to fight fascism,” Communist Party of India (Marxist) politburo member Mohd. Salim tweeted. Leaders of the Congress and Left parties in the Assembly, Abdul Mannan and Sujan Chakraborty, blamed the Chief Minister for the rise of the BJP in West Bengal. While Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that the upset in the parliamentary polls must have made Mamata Banerjee realise the worth of the Congress, party MP in Rajya Sabha Pradip Bhattacharya said that discussions (on a possible unity) can start only after the 17 MLAs poached by the Trinamool returned to the Congress. Allies of the CPI(M), like the All India Forward Bloc, also rejected the Chief Minister’s offer. Naren Chatterjee, State Secretary of AIFB, said that Ms. Banerjee has to first realise how she destroyed the Left parties by putting false cases on their leaders, taking over their party offices and poaching their MLAs.The BJP leadership in the State claimed that the coming together of the TMC, Congress and Left will not be a challenge but an opportunity for the saffron party. “If a CPI(M) worker or Congress supporter is asked to go with the Trinamool, which has been attacking them and taking over their party offices, he will defy the leadership and join us,” BJP leader Mukul Roy said.last_img read more

Inside David Silva’s 25-game winning streak

first_imgManchester City Inside David Silva’s incredible individual winning streak Sam Lee 23:00 2/7/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) David Silva Manchester City Getty Images Manchester City Premier League Guardiola Opinion Stats The Spaniard’s own Premier League winning run is longer than the one Manchester City put together as a club, and in all competitions it is even longer Manchester City may be finally getting towards the stage where they can cope without David Silva, but the huge influence he still holds over his team is best summed up by a frankly unbelievable statistic.Silva has won every one of his past 25 games in all competitions. It may not sound too significant at first glance but, according to The Times journalist Bill Edgar, who brought the numbers to light in January, it is “the longest [winning] run of any player since the league began in 1888”.Opta are able to confirm that his run of 19 consecutive Premier League victories is a record in the competition.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player After all, Silva’s league streak is two more than the 17 wins City put together collectively between August and the end of December.Edgar’s research shows that Phil Neville is second to Silva in terms of consecutive wins in all competitions, having enjoyed 20 in a row with Manchester United in 1996. Steve Sidwell, of all people, is third, having won 19 games in a row with Chelsea in 2007.But whereas Sidwell’s run was boosted by several late cameos of no more than five minutes, Silva has both played the vast majority of his matches, and also played a key role in them.For years, it has been noted that the Blues are not the same when Silva is absent and these statistics back that up, despite how well virtually all of his team-mates are playing this season.It can be argued that Silva, at 32, has been playing the best football of his career. Certain stats support that claim: in his 21 league games, he has scored five goals, laid on eight assists and created 38 chances from open play. In 34 games last season, he had four goals and seven assists.David Silva GFXAnd it should not be forgotten that he battled a personal issue over Christmas which meant he had to sit out several games and fly in for others having trained alone in Valencia.City did manage to win some of those games without him in December and it should be noted that Guardiola seems to be having more success than any of his predecessors when it comes to getting by when Silva is not available.It had even appeared that City’s days of relying on the Spaniard were over. In the first Premier League and Champions League games without him in 2017-18, City managed to pick up statement victories against Napoli (2-4) and Tottenham (4-1). Ilkay Gundogan stepped in impressively and it seemed that the Blues had finally found something resembling a replacement for their talisman, or at least a new way of playing without him.City have, of course, reached the Carabao Cup final despite Silva only playing one out of five games, which may suggest that his incredible run may just be product of City’s own record-breaking form – after all, the team won 26 of the 27 games between August 21 and December 27.And it is not exactly as if Silva’s absence was the only factor in the one game that City lost in that run – a dead rubber Champions League game in Ukraine.However, in recent weeks, it has become clear that Silva can still be missed. City have a huge 13-point lead at the top of the Premier League, although they have now dropped points in each of their last three league away games. Silva has missed them all.Guardiola could really have done with the 32-year-old’s influence for the trips to Liverpool and Burnley, games in which Gundogan has been criticised for his own performances by a number of supporters, while Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling have also struggled.David Silva GFXAlthough City were only really made to pay for a poor 10-minute spell at Anfield, somebody of Silva’s experience and ability to control games would have been invaluable before, during and after the Blues’ rough patch. Aguero does not have a great record at Anfield, and Sterling has struggled there against his old club, meaning Silva’s absence was even more keenly felt.And while Guardiola’s side created enough dangerous opportunities to beat Burnley on Saturday, and surely would have done had Sterling not tapped wide from a matter of yards out, Silva was still missed.Gundogan again drew the ire of certain critics and given City were guilty of sloppy play in the final third, you would imagine Silva would have made a difference on the various occasions the Blues got to the edge of the Burnley box but chose the wrong option.Fortunately for City, he has only sat out those two most recent games because of one-off injuries; a stomach problem and a kick on the hip. When his winning run was put to Guardiola recently, the Catalan quipped: “That’s why he plays every time.” He went on to add: “He’s a special guy, you know my opinion about him. David is so important, but we try to make them all feel important. David is so intelligent, he knows that alone he cannot do that.”We try to have a good team, with good team spirit, for everybody to be involved with and without the ball. But we cannot deny he has eight years here, a lot of games, a lot of experience, he has a huge personality to play, especially in the bad moments.”The top players, in the difficult games, they make a step forward, and David is one of them.”Following the draw at Turf Moor, City’s run of consecutive victories sits at zero. As far as Guardiola is concerned, the sooner Silva comes back to continue his streak, the better. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Watch Pokemons Tokyo announcement livestream

first_img Nintendo shows latest Pokemon game, Sword and Shield Could the Poke Ball and the Great Ball in the teaser image offer a clue? Probably not. Pokemon Company/Screenshot by CNET Editors’ Note, May 29, 2019: The Pokemon Company revealed a bunch of new games, including Pokemon Sleep, during Tuesday’s press conference.You might want to Dig your way to Tokyo on Tuesday for the Pokemon Company’s press conference.Failing that, you can watch the livestream of the event at 6 p.m. PT (9 p.m. ET/2 a.m. BST/11 a.m. AEST). It’s embedded below.Watch live video from Pokemon on”The press conference is expected to cover a number of topics of interest to Pokemon fans,” the company said in a statement, which basically tells us nothing.Since Pokemon is a massive, sprawling franchise, we don’t know if these topics include the games, movies, anime or merchandise. However, we’re unlikely to get any new details about upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield — those Nintendo Switch games are getting their own Pokemon Direct announcement on June 4. Tags 0 We know Japanese developer DeNA plans to launch a new mobile Pokemon game in the coming months, separate from Pokemon Go and Pokemon Rumble Rush . The company might also reveal Rumble Rush’s iOS release. (It’s currently only on Android devices.) The coolest Pokemon collectibles 2:13center_img Now playing: Watch this: 19 Photos Post a comment Share your voice Video Games Culture TV and Movieslast_img read more