Governor’s office intervened to end J&K kidnap drama

first_imgThe Jammu and Kashmir Governor’s office took strong exception to the detention of the father of Hizbul Mujahideen ‘commander’ Riyaz Naikoo by the local police, which led to a spate of abductions of relatives of policemen in the Kashmir Valley last week.It was on the intervention of senior officials in Governor Satya Pal Malik’s office that Naikoo’s father Asadullah was released and the impasse over the abduction of 11 relatives of policemen in south Kashmir on August 31 was brought to an end, a top source told The Hindu.A senior government official said that 32 J&K policemen had been killed this year, and most were targeted killings.He said there should be no “over-reaction” to these kinds of threats as it would trigger more panic, and the government did not want a repeat of the 1990s when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee their homes.Jammu and Kashmir has been under Governor’s rule since June 20 after the BJP pulled out of an alliance with the PDP.“The lower ranks of the police are aware of the practical aspects; they have tremendous advantage of language, location and habitation. We cannot isolate and segregate them. This happened in the case of Kashmiri Pandits. After Pandits were attacked, there was panic and most migrated to Jammu and other parts of the country,” he said.The official said Naikoo, now heading the Hizbul, suffered a blow when his deputy and field commander, Altaf Ahmed Dar alias Altaf Kachroo, one of the oldest surviving militants, was killed in an encounter with security forces in Anantnag on August 29.“Naikoo was under a lot of pressure by the Hizbul leadership to show results. In the meantime the number two Altaf was killed. Naikoo is a nominal head, the real operative was Altaf. It was Altaf who planned the abductions and put out messages to throw acid on people taking part in the panchayat elections, but he was killed the same day. In a vacuum, they require heroes. Naikoo was standing on the shoulders of Altaf. He is badly bruised now,” he said. After Altaf was killed, 11 relatives of policemen were abducted.“Some elements in the security forces believed that Naikoo’s father need not have been picked up. Or if he was detained, he could have been interrogated and released. His father being kept in police custody was another irritant and this led to a series of abductions,” said the official.Another official said militants were feeling the heat as J&K police are at the forefront of the counter-insurgency operations.“Police reacted in a professional way; there was sufficient pressure on the militants. If they had harmed the relatives, there were other levers working…they knew it was not a good bargain. They are riled that J&K police are upfront in operations,” said the official.K. Vijay Kumar, Adviser to the J&K Governor told The Hindu that J&K policemen understood the challenges.“I myself had the feedback of several ranks of police including the constabulary. All of them are standing firm and strong. The professionalism has not come down,” Mr. Kumar said.He said the government was working on an improved package for the policemen.“Home Minister Rajnath Singh has suggested to the Governor to declare more compensation and better accommodation facilities to boost the morale of the policemen. This is being worked on,” he said.last_img read more

Grown-up Badmash

first_imgBy their own admission, they are a couple of “smart asses” – so you are never reeeally sure when they’re being funny and when they are deadly serious. They are the Badmash guys, the creators of perhaps the first Indian American comic strip on the web, which turns every crisis and concern of the South Asian community into funny fodder. Indians generally don’t like to laugh at themselves, but the threesome from California is trying to change that.Badmash, of course, means scoundrel or a naughty child in Hindi, and this comic strip too stirs things up, poking sacred cows and taking on just about every desi peeve from culture shock to spelling bees and pushy parents to Bobby Jindal to racism. On their website, they trumpet the virtues of Badmash, as if it were yoga or ayurveda: Sanjay Shah“Thousands of years of profound introspection have led us to the understanding of this higher plane of existence.” And they even flash an endorsement from a Badmash practitioner, Jebediah McCallister: “Using the techniques you taught me, in just a few short weeks I feel more comfortable around brown people of all ethnicities.”Indeed, Badmash wears the color brown like a badge of honor. Their comic strip goes into your inbox if 1. You are a brown person. 2. You are a friend of a brown person. 3. You are an individual who has spoken to someone who is brown. And that just about covers the globe!The three writers behind the comic strip are all in their 20’s and were born in California although their parents trekked to the United States from different parts of India. Sanjay Shah’s parents came from Kachchh in the 60’s for school: “They met each other at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Poughkeepsie, New York,” he says. Sandeep Sood says his father came to study at Stanford and be a hippie. Nimesh Patel’s parents immigrated in the 60’s to Texas where his father did his masters in engineering and later moved into the franchise business. Not surprisingly the offspring of these immigrants all got roped into higher education. Sanjay did his undergrad at Berkeley in economics and also graduate work in public policy; Sandeep did economics at Berkeley and Nimesh graduated from Wharton Business School, and a BS in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.So how did these brainy people get into writing a comic strip?“I first became interested in writing simple statements in preschool,” says Sanjay. ” As my grammar and word choice improved, writing sentences, paragraphs, and comic strips began to come naturally.”Sandeep says, “I wanted to write a movie script, but that seemed like it would take a long time. Comics bring instant gratification.”   Nimesh started writing verses for rap songs and poems. Slowly, the whole thing coalesced and being funny became serious business. Nimesh PatelIs the strip strictly for laughs or do they try to make some kind of a statement with Badmash? Says Sanjay, “My parole officer thought it would be good for me to do this strip. It also waives my community service requirements.” Sandeep adds, “It is not strictly for laughs. People think this stuff is funny?”Nimesh, however, sums it up, “Both definitely – laughing is healthy. It just feels like there’s way too much complexity in life these days, so we hope that Badmash gives people a 30 second escape from their daily grind.”While the three writers have used several artists to create the strip, the most constant has been Kevin Hsieh, who’s Chinese-American. He says, “I found Badmash through an online posting and I was very interested in cartooning. The Asian subject matter also piqued my interest.”Asked about his experiences sketching the lives of brown people, Kevin says, “It’s hard drawing brown people or any character that is supposed to be a specific nationality. You have to balance between having enough characteristic to portray the race, but also not so much that it becomes stereotypical.”Yes, there might be a whole barrel of issues facing the Indian community from racism to culture shock, but the Badmash gang treats everything like a big joke.  Sanjay says their aim is to tell America that South Asians are not their New Age mascots. Sandeep adds, “There is a lack of intelligent humor in South Asian media. Our strip does nothing to address that. I believe that Nimesh and Sanjay finding suitable wives is the biggest issue affecting the South Asian community.”   The guys may fool around all they want, but there is a method to their madness. “I think the Badmash strip is a must, because there’s no current methodology for us as South Asians to discuss social/political commentary to the masses, via an entertaining medium, based on current events.” says Nimesh. ” For example it takes such along time and is such a lengthy process before a documentary or a feature, a music album or a book can reach the masses and discuss topics relevant to our people.” Sandeep SoodWhere do they place Badmash – hobby or business? They say it’s both since they have been contacted to do contract animation work and political propaganda pieces and are also syndicated to several ethnic magazines. They have also started a parent company called Mahoot Media ( to do films and ads.Making money may be a fine thing, but the foursome want to continue sending the comic strip out free to people on a weekly basis, to be forwarded on and live forever in cyberspace, making people laugh wherever it ends up.  Is this a fulltime venture or do all of these smart alecks have day jobs? Says Sanjay, “I have a few other jobs in addition to Badmash. I don’t rest much. I figure there will be plenty of time for sleep when I die.”Sandeep, however, says, “This is a half-time venture. The other half of the time is spent procuring rent money.” Nimesh adds, “We all have other things we’re doing, but none of us are doing a traditional 9-5. Badmash is a constant part of our daily routine.” Any backlash or protests from the Indian-American community about their sometimes outrageous strips? Says Sanjay, “Only from Bobby Jindal’s baby’s mama!” Kevin HseihNimesh adds, “After the Jindal strip, one Jindal supporter said, ‘I used to enjoy and read you guys every week but after this strip, I have unsubscribed myself from your list.’ Fortunately, he was the only one. Everyone else emailed or called to thank us for saying what was on their minds. Still, we’ve learned through other strips that you can’t please everyon,e because someone’s always determined to be offended.” What satisfaction do they get from creating the strip? Sandeep has just one word to describe the satisfaction: “Sexual.” Nimesh says, “The creation of a brand is something that I find particularly interesting, especially given that this ‘brand’ embodies each of our personalities.” And Sanjay probably defines the feelings of all second generationers when he says, “I’m just relieved that I’m not instead wearing a white coat pushing pills onto people!” Related Itemslast_img read more

Cyclone Vayu live updates: Western Railway cancels 40 trains to coastal Gujarat

first_img 11.30 amAirports to remain shutGujarat’s Rajkot, Porbandar and Bhuj airports will remain shut on Wednesday, June 12.“No flights have landed at the airport since 9.50 p.m.,” a Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. spokesperson said on June 10. A United Air flight from Newark scheduled to land in Mumbai was diverted to Delhi.All other incoming flights were put on a holding pattern and were circling Mumbai. Landings resumed at 10.45 p.m. with an Indigo flight from Hyderabad being the first to touch down. A Thai Airways flight hit a guard light and sign board, while vacating the runway. The runway remained closed for clearing of debris, adding to the delays.As per the information received from ATC, 22 flights (six international and 16 domestic) were diverted to Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad airports on June 10.11.15 amVayu brings temperatures downThere was heavy rain accompanied by thundershowers and lightning in Andheri, Malad, Thane, Mulund, Navi Mumbai, Borivali, Kandivali, Sion, Kurla, Vikhroli, Ghatkopar and Dadar on June 11.The eastern and western suburbs, especially, reported heavy rainfall between 10pm and 11pm. Malvani recorded 50 mm of rainfall, followed by Malad (44), Kandivali (49), Andheri (West) (41), Goregaon (37) and Mulund (31).11.00 am  The WR has also planned to run a special train each from Gandhidham, Bhavnagar Para, Porbandar, Veraval and Okha to evacuate people from those areas.Special trains with six to 10 coaches each will also be kept ready at the nearest safe location to be moved in emergency conditions, the WR said.The coaches currently available at depots and station yards located in coastal areas were being shifted to safer places, it said.“Arrangements have been made for round-the-clock manning of the railway emergency control offices,” it said.All rail authorities concerned have been instructed to keep adequate manpower, and machinery like JCBs, tree-cutters, water tanks, tractors and generators on standby for any assistance required, the WR said.8.15 p.m.Signal 9 warning at Saurashtra portsAll ports in Saurashtra have hoisted signal 9, a danger warning, which means the cyclone is now severe or very severe and is expected to move keeping the port to its right.8.10 p.m.Flights suspended in Porbandar, Diu, Bhavnagar, Keshod and KandlaAirports Authority of India (AAI), in a statement, has decided to suspend flight operations at AAI airports in Porbandar, Diu, Bhavnagar, Keshod and Kandla from 12 midnight IST on June 12 to 12 midnight June 13.”Equipment and heavy machinery has been moved to safety at respective airports and the Airport Directors of AAI’s Bhuj and Jamnagar Airports have been asked to write to the Indian Air Force to suspend operations of civil flights from these two airports also.  A decision in respect of suspending operations at AAI’s Surat Airport will be taken after analysing the weather,” the statement read.7:15 pmArmy, IAF teams on standbyAs the very severe cyclonic storm ‘Vayu’ is inching closer to Gujarat coast and expected to make a landfall on June 13, the Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF), and the NDRF teams are deployed and put on standby for rescue and relief operations along the coastal districts.The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has also deployed ships and aircraft to enable search and rescue post the landfall of the cyclonic storm.A total of ten columns of the Army each having a strength of about 70 persons — have been deployed in Jamnagar, Gir, Dwarka, Porbandar, Jamnagar, Somnath, Morbi, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Amreli, while another 24 columns have been put on standby to carry out rescue and relief operations, a defence release said on June 11.Read more A fisherman looks at the giant waves lashing the shore at Worli village on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Cyclone Vayu is set to make landfall on June 13. Read more | Photo Credit: Emmanual Yogini Giant waves crash on the famous Donapaula jetty in Goa, on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. The jetty is now closed for the tourists after being declared unsafe by the government. Parts of Gujarat are bracing for impact from strengthening Cyclone Vayu, which is expected to slam into the State on June 13, even as authorities shifted more than 2 lakh people on the coast to safer places. People from low-lying areas of Saurashtra and Kutch regions have been evacuated.Operations at ports and airports in these regions have been suspended as precautionary measure, officials said. Railways has cancelled 40 trains, and short-terminated 28 others.Cyclone Vayu, which has turned into a very severe cyclonic storm, is expected hit Gujarat coast anywhere between Veraval in the south and Dwarka in the west in the afternoon of June 13.Here are the latest updates:11 pm400 flights affected in Mumbai as cyclone Vayu approaches GujaratAir passengers to and from Mumbai had a tough time on June 12 as nearly 400 flights were affected due to bad weather caused by the cycle Vayu which hit the neighbouring Gujarat coast, according to an airport official.The city airport is one of the busiest in the country handling over 900 aircraft movements daily.The official said as many as 194 departing flights and 192 arrivals were delayed in the wake of the bad weather due to the cyclone Vayu.At least two flights were diverted from the city, the official said.10 pmChinese boats provided shelter at Ratnagiri portIndia has granted special permission to 10 Chinese boats to enter its waters and dock at Ratnagiri port with Cyclone Vayu expected to make landfall on the western coast on Thursday. The Coast Guard followed protocol and provided shelter to the boats. A Coast Guard official said, Coast Guard Inspector General K.R. Suresh said it is common practice for vessels to seek shelter at ports in nearby countries during a calamity.Police officials said the boats were brought in under a security cordon. The Maharashtra police, the Maharashtra Maritime Board and the Customs are monitoring the vessels in co-ordination with Indian Coast Guard. Most of the vessels are fishing boats. The District Collectorate said throughout Wednesday huge sea waves lashed Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districts.The Maharashtra Maritime Board, which is authorised to issue permission to boat operators and fishing vessels, suspended services on June 12 after the India Meteorological Department issued Signal 3 cautionary advisory. Wind speeds of 40 knots or 70 kmph were reported while waves were above three metres.The Mumbai Port Trust and the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust have been directed to send reports every six hours to the Director General of Shipping. “We will be on watch on Thursday before taking a decision on resuming normal operations,” port officials said. — reports Aditya Anand from Mumbai8.35 pmWestern Railway cancels 40 trains to coastal GujaratThe Western Railway has decided to short-terminate or cancel some of its trains passing through areas of Gujarat that are likely to be affected by cyclone Vayu. All WR passenger and mail trains to Veraval, Okha, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Bhuj and Gandhidham stations will be short-terminated or cancelled from 6 p.m. on June 12 till June 14 morning, said WR chief spokesperson Ravinder Bhakar.The WR has decided to cancel operation of 40 mainline trains while 28 similar trains will be short-terminated with partial cancellation as a precautionary measure. | Photo Credit: Vijay Soneji  The MHA also said that though cyclones generally weaken after landfall, Cyclone Vayu is expected to retain its strength even after 24 hours. ” It is expected to make the landfall tomorrow from 8am-12 am,” the Ministry said. – Vijaita Singh3.00 pmCyclone Vayu is moving northerly at a speed of 18 kmph, the Coast Guard has said, citing the IMD and ISRO model of tracking.Inspector General Rakesh Pal of the Coast Guard Region (NW) said that the cyclone was around 300 km south of Veraval. – Mahesh Langa2.30 pmOdisha offers help to GujaratOdisha government has offered all help to Gujarat in the wake of Cyclone Vayu.Gujarat Chief Secretary J.N. Singh called up his Odisha counterpart A.P. Padhi and sought Odisha’s advice on how to tackle the cyclonic storm on a war-footing, officials said on Wednesday.“Gujarat chief secretary had called me up and discussed the measures to be taken ahead of the landfall. We have offered all kind of help to Gujarat. However, the Gujarat chief secretary has said that they will seek further help if required keeping in view the situation,” Mr. Padhi told reporters here.The Gujarat government is in constant touch with Odisha in view of the eastern state’s successful handing of similar calamities like cyclone ‘Fani’ in May this year and cyclone ‘Titli’ last year, officials said.Read more Fishing boats being evacuated at Veraval Port in Gujarat on Wednesday June 12, 2019, with Cyclone Vayu expected to hit landfall the following day  1.45 pmTrains from coastal Gujarat cancelled, short terminatedWestern Railways has cancelled and short terminated trains from coastal Gujarat destinations like Veraval, Okha, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Bhuj and Gandhidham from 6 pm in the evening on June 12 till the morning of June 14 in the wake of Cyclone Vayu.Bus services to pilgrim and tourist places, civil air connectivity to airports and operations at coastal ports have been suspended in the Saurashtra area, said Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.”So far 1.2 lakh people already shifted to safer locations from vulnerable places,” he added.Twelve more NDRF teams are set to be airlifted from INS Rajali (Tamil Nadu) and Patna (Bihar) to Gujarat and Diu before, during and in the aftermath of Cyclone Vayu, he said. This is the first time that a total of 47 teams are arriving, said the Chief Minister. – Mahesh Langa1.15 pmMumbai experiences strong windsWith Cyclone Vayu being 280km away from Mumbai, the city has been experiencing strong winds since early morning on June 12.Mumbaikars have been advised to stay away from coastal areas.According to a bulletin issued by India Meteorological Department (IMD) early on the morning of June 12, Cyclone Vayu is about 280km South-west of Mumbai. Wind speeds are expected to be around 70kmph throughout the day on the Maharashtra coast. Mumbaikars have been experiencing strong, gusty winds, and sea conditions were rough along and off Maharashtra coast.Fishermen have already been advised not to venture into the sea.“In view of #CycloneVayu heading towards Gujarat coast, Mumbai is likely to experience very windy conditions from afternoon,” the Mumbai police commissioner’s Twitter handle tweeted.Read more  An alert has been sounded in 10 districts of Gujarat, after Cyclone Vayu was re-classified as ‘very severe’ and its impact expected to remain strong for 24 hours even after its landfall on Thursday, officials said.As many as 52 teams of the National Disaster Management Relief Force (NDRF), comprising around 45 rescuers each, have been moved to the State, while 10 columns of the Indian Army have been kept on stand-by.Warships and aircraft of the Indian Navy have been kept on standby as well.Meanwhile, Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba chaired a meeting of the National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) where preparation for relief and rescue operations were discussed threadbare.The NCMC meeting took stock of the precautionary measures taken by the Gujarat government and Diu UT administration with a view to ensure that no human life is lost, damage to vital infrastructure is minimised and to ensure early recovery of all essential services post-cyclone landfall.Diving and rescue teams and relief materials have been kept on standby for rendering assistance to civil authorities, as required, another official said.Medical teams and facilities at Indian Naval hospital in Mumbai are on standby to handle medical emergencies. – PTI4.00 pmSpecial trainsIn view of Cyclone Vayu, dirst evacuation special train will run from Okha at 5.45 p.m. today (12/06/19) for Rajkot. The second evacuation special train will run from Okha at 8.05 p.m. today (12/6/19) for Ahmedabad with 21 coaches. – Ajeet Mahale3.30 pmNDRF, other agencies working round the clock: PM ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday tweeted saying the Central Government was closely monitoring the situation in Gujarat and other parts of India.”I have been constantly in touch with State Governments. NDRF and other agencies are working round the clock to provide all possible assistance,” he tweeted.”Praying for the safety and wellbeing of all those affected by Cyclone Vayu. The Government and local agencies are providing real-team information, which I urge those in affected areas to closely follow,” he further tweeted.3.10 pmVayu expected to make the landfall tomorrow from 8am-12 am: MHAThe Ministry of Home Affairs on June 12 said that the “severe” cyclonic storm has sturned into “very severe” and that wind speeds are expected to increase to a gusting of 155-170 kmph, becoming deadly.”Home secretary Rajiv Gauba chaired a meeting of National Crisis Management Committee, Gujarat chief secretary J.N Singh joined through video conferencing,” the MHA added. Waves crash against the jetty at a fishing harbour ahead of the expected landfall of Cyclone Vayu at Veraval in Gujarat on June 12, 2019.  | Photo Credit: Reuters Fishermen pull their boats out of the sea at Worli village on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Cyclone Vayu is set to make landfall on June 13.  5.30 pmAlert sounded in 10 Gujarat districts | Photo Credit: Atish Pomburfekar 6.30 pmLandfall likely to be delayedLandfall of cyclone Vayu is expected to be delayed. It’s likely to hit around noon on June 13 between Veraval and Dwarka, according to IMD. Earlier, it was expected to hit the coast early morning on Thursday.46 NDRF teams, 11 SDRF teams, 13 SRP companies, 11 columns of Army, 2 BSF company, and 300 Marine Commandos have been deployed so far in Gujarat.6.15 pmOver 2.15 lakh people shiftedThe Gujarat government has said that more than 2.15 lakh people have been shifted to safer places having proper facilities. Evacuation continues. | Photo Credit: Emmanual Yogini  10.30 amSpeed at 17 km per hourThe IMD has said the speed of “Vayu” had increased to 17 km per hour and was located in the Arabian Sea, about 350 km west-northwest of Goa, 410 km south-southwest of Mumbai and 530 km nearly south of Veraval (Gujarat).“It is very likely to move nearly northwards and cross Gujarat coast between Porbandar and Mahuva around Veraval and the Diu region as a severe cyclonic storm, with a wind speed of 110-120 kmph gusting to 135 kmph during early morning of June 13,” the IMD said.The cyclone will make a landfall near Veraval in Gir Somnath district on June 13 but it will be preceded by heavy rainfall in isolated places.Read more 10.00 amSchools, colleges and anganwadis in coastal districts to remain shut“June 13 and 14 are crucial for us. We have roped in the Army, the NDRF, the Coast Guard and other agencies for rescue and relief work. We will start shifting people living in coastal areas to safer locations,” Chief Minister Vijay Rupani told media persons on Tuesday.After a review meet with District Collectors and officials, Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) Pankaj Kumar said schools, colleges and anganwadis in coastal districts would remain shut on June 12 and 13.“In all, 36 NDRF teams will be deployed for rescue operations. We have also roped in Army, Navy, Coast Guard and BSF units. If needed, we will also take the help of the Air Force. We have ordered schools, colleges and anganwadis in the districts which are likely to be hit by the cyclone to remain shut on June 12 and 13,” Mr. Kumar said.  12.30 pmRahul Gandhi urges party workers to helpCongress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday prayed for the safety of people in Gujarat ahead of cyclone Vayu and appealed the Congress workers to be ready to help.“Cyclone Vayu is about to reach Gujarat coast. I appeal to all Gujarat Congress workers to be ready to help in all the areas that come in the way. I pray for the safety and well—being of all the people in the areas affected by the cyclone,” he tweeted. – IANS12 noonWind speeds at 145-155 kmph gusting to 170 kmphThe very severe cyclone Vayu is now 340 kms south of Veraval, the Gujarat Information Department has said.According to a statement, the cyclone is likely to move nearly northward and cross the Gujarat coast between Porbandar and Mahuva, around Veraval and Diu.”Wind speeds are at 145-155 kmph gusting to 170 kmph around morning on June 13, 2019,” the statement said.11.40 amEvacuation beginsState authorities have begun evacuation of people from low lying or vulnerable areas in the coastal districts.Around 3 lakh people from Gujarat and the Union Territory of Diu will be shifted to the more than 700 shelters set up by the authorities.“Evacuation of people from low lying/vulnerable areas in the coastal areas of Saurashtra and Kutch to safe shelters is going on since early morning. Urging people to cooperate with administration,” said Pankaj Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) in Gujarat.Read morelast_img read more

Cristiano Ronaldo asks US court to dismiss rape case or OK mediation

first_imgThe Associated Press generally does not name people who say they have been victims of sexual assault, but Mayorga gave consent to be named through her lawyers, Leslie Mark Stovall and Larissa Drohobyczer.Ronaldo’s lawyer in Las Vegas, Peter Christiansen, declined to comment about the documents he filed Oct. 14.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGreatest ever?SPORTSFormer PBA import Anthony Grundy passes away at 40SPORTSSan Miguel suspends Santos, Nabong, Tubid indefinitely after ‘tussle’ in practice“Mr. Ronaldo has always maintained that this was a consensual encounter,” said the filing seeking dismissal of the case.A companion document also filed Oct.14 in U.S. District court asks the judge to order out-of-court talks to settle the lawsuit. This jewelry designer is also an architect Duterte calls himself, Go, Cayetano ‘the brightest stars’ in PH politics Real Madrid, Tottenham get vital wins in Champions League MOST READ Matteo Guidicelli had saved up for Sarah G’s ring since 2014? LATEST STORIES Canadian vaping study details danger from ‘popcorn lung’ chemical Ronaldo, now 34, is one of the richest athletes in the world. He plays in Italy for the Turin-based soccer club Juventus and captains the Portugal national team.Mayorga, now 36, is a former schoolteacher and model who lives in the Las Vegas area.Stovall has alleged that Mayorga, then 25, was so stressed by pressure from “fixers” trying to protect the reputation of Ronaldo, then 24, that she lacked the legal capacity to sign a non-disclosure agreement 10 years ago.A federal judge in Las Vegas has not set a hearing date on Ronaldo’s bid to stop the court case.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Someone from the Philippines could win a $208 million jackpot this week!center_img SC gives QC court one month extension to resolve Maguindanao massacre case PLAY LIST 01:51SC gives QC court one month extension to resolve Maguindanao massacre case00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:07Cops linking 2 drug cases to murder of Tagudin judge – CJ Peralta02:11Makabayan bloc defends protesting workers, tells Año to ‘shut up’03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games01:38‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon02:07Aquino to Filipinos: Stand up vs abuses before you suffer De Lima’s ordeal01:28Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia00:45Aquino agrees with Drilon on SEA games ‘kaldero’ spending issue DTI creates Marahuyo, a luxe Filipino fashion brand for global buyers Becoming his own man FILE – In this Sept. 7, 2019, file photo, is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo prior to playing their Euro 2020 group B qualifying soccer match between Serbia and Portugal, in Belgrade, Serbia. Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers are asking a U.S. judge to order closed-door arbitration or to dismiss a Nevada woman’s lawsuit seeking damages on an accusation the soccer star raped her in Las Vegas in 2009. Attorneys representing Ronaldo’s accuser, Kathryn Mayorga, didn’t immediately respond Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, to messages about two Oct. 14 court filings in the case stemming from a 2010 confidentiality agreement and $375,000 hush-money settlement. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, File)LAS VEGAS — Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers have filed court documents asking a U.S. judge in Las Vegas to either dismiss a Nevada woman’s lawsuit alleging the soccer star raped her in 2009, or to order closed-door settlement talks.Attorneys representing Ronaldo’s accuser, Kathryn Mayorga, did not immediately respond Tuesday to telephone, email and text messages seeking comment about the two recent court filings about her lawsuit stemming from a 2010 confidentiality agreement and $375,000 hush-money payment.ADVERTISEMENT Mayorga alleges conspiracy, defamation, breach of contract, coercion and fraud. Her lawyers want to void the 2010 deal and collect at least $200,000 more from Ronaldo. They acknowledge Mayorga received $375,000 in 2010. The court has kept the original agreement sealed.Mayorga’s lawyers maintain she didn’t break the confidentiality pledge. They accuse Ronaldo or his associates of allowing reports of it to appear in European publications in 2017.The soccer star’s lawyers have said the information was among electronic data hacked, stolen and sold by cybercriminals, and that Mayorga’s lawsuit is being used to damage Ronaldo’s reputation.Mayorga’s lawsuit said she met Ronaldo at a nightclub and went with him and other people to his suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino, where he assaulted her in a bedroom.Las Vegas police last year reinvestigated the rape allegation, but no criminal charge was filed. The local elected prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to take the 10-year-old case to trial.ADVERTISEMENT Ethel Booba on SEA Games cauldron: ‘Sulit kung corrupt ang panggatong’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

Italian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton on pole for third year in a row at Monza

first_imgLewis Hamilton swept to a dominant pole position at the Italian Grand Prix for the third year in succession on Saturday with Mercedes team mate and title rival Nico Rosberg joining the Briton on the front row of the grid.The pole was the 56th of the triple world champion’s Formula One career and he equalled the record of five at Monza held by the late Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio and Brazilian Ayrton Senna.”I’m obviously very happy today. I was only made aware of that record as I came into this weekend,” Hamilton said.”Incredibly proud and honoured to be up amongst Senna and Juan Manuel. Incredible drivers. I never in a million years thought my name would be mentioned in the same sentence as theirs.”I came with my A-game today, and that last lap felt incredible.”Hamilton, whose dominant time of one minute 21.135 seconds was 0.478 of a second faster than Rosberg with the rest looking slow in comparison, leads the German by nine points in the championship with eight rounds remaining.LEWIS NEARING HIS HALF-CENTURYHe can celebrate his 50th grand prix win, and third in a row at the fastest circuit on the calendar, on Sunday to leave Europe with a firm grip on the championship as the circus heads to Asia, the Americas and Middle East.”The basic explanation is Lewis did some good laps. I did a good job up to now but I wasn’t quick enough,” said a glum Rosberg.Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was third fastest with Kimi Raikkonen qualifying fourth for the Italian team’s home race at the circuit near Milan.advertisement”I’m not entirely happy because the gap is quite big, the guys ahead are in a world of their own,” said Vettel, a four times champion with Red Bull.Finland’s Valtteri Bottas, for Williams, and Red Bull’s Australian Daniel Ricciardo filled the third row.Dutch teenager Max Verstappen, who had been on the front row last weekend in Belgium, qualified seventh for Red Bull with Mexican Sergio Perez eighth for Mercedes-powered Force India.Perez’s compatriot Esteban Gutierrez, who has yet to score a point this year, put the new Haas team into the top 10 and there were also celebrations at lowly Manor who had German rookie Pascal Wehrlein qualify in 14th place.Wehrlein’s team mate Esteban Ocon failed to set a time after his car broke down at the start of qualifying.last_img read more

Tanaka Tops, Yanks Beat Braves, 12-5

first_imgTweetPinShare0 Shares KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Masahiro Tanaka pitched 3 2-3 shutout innings and the New York Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves 12-5 on March 18.Tanaka gave up two hits and struck out three without a walk in his second spring start, both against Atlanta. He threw two perfect innings last week. Tanaka said his arm felt fine and that he’ll be ready to begin the season.“Overall everything was good,” he said through is translator. “It’s my second start and it was as good as my first start. It just seems like everything was working.”Tanaka got off to an All-Star start last year during his first season in the majors. The Japanese right-hander later missed 2 1/2 months because of a partially torn ligament in his elbow.Brian McCann and Stephen Drew both homered off Braves reliever James Russell. Didi Gregorius went 3 for 3 with an RBI.Kelly Johnson hit a three-run homer for the Braves. New catcher A.J. Pierzynski got a hit and raised his spring average to .471.Atlanta starter Mike Foltynewicz gave up one run and three hits in 3 2-3 innings.(JEFF BERLINICKE)last_img read more

How can we ensure durability and data protection in embedded systems?

first_img “The future seems quite clear around this new dimension of storage. As we advance alongside technology, obviously users have greater expectations of what they make use of daily. They need to be assured with the capabilities of this new tech advancement to MarkSindone says: Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Memory/Storage 1 thought on “How can we ensure durability and data protection in embedded systems?” Log in to Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. (Source: Virtium) 3D NAND is all the rage in solid-state drive (SSD) storage, whether in consumer, enterprise or industrial-embedded designs — perhaps especially in embedded designs.NAND’s potential to dramatically boost flash-storage capacities well above those of planar (2D) NAND is well documented.  Major flash makers have boasted of developing 3D NAND devices exceeding ever-increasing capacities on a single device, enabling once unfathomable storage in designs ranging from handheld devices to data centers. Less discussed, however, is how super-capacity 3D NAND flash storage can be deployed in demanding embedded systems, including industrial IoT (IIoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) designs. Such applications take advantage of flash storage in different ways.A quick review of 3D NAND: Planar NAND has been around since the beginning of flash memory. NAND cells are strung horizontally across a flat 2D plane.  As capacity grows, the cells have shrunk to the point where no more will fit without data loss.  To overcome that limitation, 3D NAND is created when planar NAND is reformed into a U shape, flipped into a vertical orientation and “stacked” like a high-rise building, thus dramatically increasing storage capacities within essentially the same footprint as 2D flash needs.Since its inception, 3D NAND has gained serious traction, with all major flash memory makers having added it to their flash products. Flash-storage market researcher and author Alan Niebel said, “Thanks to its scalability and cost-per-bit advantage, 3D NAND flash is poised to revolutionize both enterprise and industrial solid-state storage.” In terms of the volume shipments of NAND, both planar and 3D, another market analyst predicts that in 2021 six times as many flash exabytes will ship as did in 2016.Also contributing to flash’s ever-increasing capacities is that the mainstream bit capacity is now three bits per cell, or Triple Level Cell (TLC) technology with Quad Level Cell (QLC) at four bits per cell in the future.With all these new 3D approaches to manufacturing, there are tradeoffs – and we should expect some sort of compromise between endurance, performance, thermal considerations and capacity. After all, packing three – and eventually four — bits per cell into the chips and then manufacturing them into a layered solution is a relatively new concept that’s still in the improvement stage, and therefore subject to initial endurance, performance and thermal challenges. NAND flash designers are overcoming the endurance and thermal barriers, but it has come at a price. Industrial-temperature 3D-based solutions have not reached the industrial-embedded market until recently, several years after mainstream commercial and enterprise versions have been on their respective markets.  It has taken some time to adapt this technology to the industrial market, but it appears the engineers working with 3D NAND are learning how to do just that.  3D-based SSDs will not have to sacrifice endurance and are now matching and exceeding the endurance of 2D MLC-based SSDs.Industrial-temperature rated 3D NAND flash is here. But the thermal effects on 3D SSD performance are still fairly new subject matters and need further validation testing of workload and extreme temperature ranges. 3D NAND is in mainstream markets, but high-temperature use of 3D NAND is still in its infancy. While 3D NAND SSDs have been proven for consumer applications and possibly select enterprise storage environments, the industrial-embedded market simply can’t compromise data integrity for the sake of capacity. Industrial 3D SSD applications such as factories, medical equipment and smart cities, to name just a few cannot afford a breakdown in their data-storage systems; lives and livelihoods depend on them and that data is mission-critical. Industrial users have time-and-again affirmed this: SSD durability and data protection are non-negotiable — even in the most extreme environments. This highlights the distinctions between off-the-shelf SSDs and those designed and built for such mission-critical applications.Because IIoT endpoints are usually found in harsh and/or remote environments, the SSDs used here must be able to support extreme temperatures – I-Temp (-40°C to 85°C) is the industry standard for temperature tolerance — along with vibration and shock that can be offset by special SSD manufacturing processes. They also must be built for a “set it and forget it” purpose and be subject to monitoring and predictive analysis through software.One more matter to consider in industrial 3D NAND storage is protecting the data embedded systems collect. Like its 2D predecessor, 3D NAND-based SSDs can realize data security through encryption. Self-encrypting SSDs using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) — regarded as the de facto security standard for the U.S. government — provide a solid assurance that data at rest is protected.Again, the SSDs’ applications and the critical data they collect and store simply cannot  fail.Clearly, there’s far more at stake in embedded-system, IIoT and M2M data collection and storage applications.  And those stakes serve as guiding factors as flash makers develop storage with significantly higher capacity, as we’re witnessing in 3D NAND.Evolving 3D NAND development, coupled with proven industrial-grade production techniques and encryption techniques SSD providers such as Virtium use, will support the demanding storage needs of the industrial-embedded market.Whatever the “growing pains” of 3D NAND, embedded-system engineers can be assured that SSDs built around this new dimension  of storage will provide the drive durability and data protection required. Scott Lawrence is Director of Business and Technology Development, Virtium Solid State Storage and Memory. 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first_imgLegalising gambling in sports will create lots of problems:CPIHyderabad, Jul 6 (PTI) Veteran Communist leader SuravaramSudhakar Reddy said today legalising gambling and betting insports would create “lots of problems”, leave room forcheating and provide no level-playing field.The Law Commission yesterday recommended that gamblingand betting in sports be allowed as regulated activitiestaxable under the direct and indirect tax regimes and used asa source for attracting foreign direct investment.Reddy, the General Secretary of the Communist Party ofIndia (CPI), said the issue is yet to be discussed in hisparty but his initial reaction is that it is not good.”If betting and gambling are legalised, it will createlots of problems,” he told PTI.”My initial reaction is negative about it.”The commission’s report, “Legal Framework: Gambling andSports Betting including Cricket in India,” recommends anumber of changes in the law for regulating betting andgenerating tax revenues from it.Reddy said: “Gambling is gambling after all, why shouldit be legalised? Betting is also sort of gambling.””Gambling is not a game that will give all the partnersequal type of opportunity and all that. Some people will loselots of money. Some people will gain. There is alwayspossibility of cheating and deceiving also,” he said. PTI RSSSSSSSlast_img read more

Triple-Redundant Dynamic Positioning with Sonardyne …

first_imgzoom With the continued development of acoustically aided inertial navigation, Sonardyne International Ltd. announces that one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors has selected Marksman DP-INS for one of its semi-submersible drilling units.Installed alongside an incumbent Sonardyne dual LUSBL Dimona system, the addition of acoustically-aided inertial navigation provides two completely independent positioning systems in the event that the GPS is affected by sunspot activity (scintillation) in the region.DP-INS has been developed to meet regulatory requirements which state that deep water drilling units must be equipped with three independent positioning reference inputs to their DP system. Traditionally, an acoustic positioning system and two separate DGPS systems are used. However, vulnerability remains should the acoustics be affected by aeration and noise and both GPS systems simultaneously affected by signal disruption. The latter is particularly common around equatorial regions and during periods of high solar radiation.DP-INS combines the complementary characteristics of Sonardyne’s Wideband® 2 acoustic signal technology with high integrity inertial measurements from the system’s Lodestar AHRS/INS core. The resulting output is resilient to acoustic disruptions and completely independent from GPS. In addition to the system’s deep water positioning performance, it also delivers valuable cost savings as it can be used with fewer acoustic transponders deployed on the seabed, significantly reducing set-up time following a vessel’s arrival on location.Commenting on the deal, Ralph Gall, Technical Sales Manger at Sonardyne Inc. said, “We’re delighted that this major offshore drilling contractor has installed our DP-INS. The independency and redundancy provided by the system delivers improved performance and safety whilst reducing operational costs. Since the installation, we have also received a request for an upgrade from its current Dimona hardware to our latest generation Marksman LUSBL positioning system.”Sonardyne, November 1, 2013last_img read more

Sembcorp to Build Largest Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel

first_imgzoom Singapore-listed Sembcorp Marine (SCM) has entered into a USD 1 billion contract to build the world’s largest DP3 semi-submersible crane vessel (NSCV) for Heerema Offshore Services B.V.This follows an earlier exclusive letter-of-intent signed between SCM’s wholly owned subsidiary Jurong Shipyard and Hereema in March this year for the NSCV.Scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2018, the NSCV is designed for the installation and decommissioning of major offshore facilities world-wide.It will be equipped with two Huisman heavy-lifting offshore cranes of 10,000 MT lifting capacity each, and a large reinforced work deck area.The new NSCV will have the length of 220 metres, width of 102 metres and displacement of 273,700 MT.The NSCV will be built at the Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard.”With our new facilities at Tuas that boost deeper quayside draft and wider dock space, we are confident that we will be able to meet our customer’s expectations. This is also in alignment with our strategic vision to penetrate into the Deep water draft market segment and also serves as a great testimony to our continuous commitment in providing one-stop, tailor-made solutions to our customers,” William Gu Wei Guang, Head of Sembcorp Marine Rigs & Floaters, said..last_img read more

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img LUNENBURG COUNTY: Mersey Road, Highway 103, Exit 6 The Mersey Road culvert under Highway 103 about 5.3 kilometres west of Exit 6, is closed for repairs until Monday, Aug. 15. A temporary access road has been constructed from Highway 103 to the Mersey Road Connector to allow residents and the public access to properties on the Mersey Road Connector. Detour signs are in place. COLCHESTER COUNTY: Alton Road Alton Road, from Trunk 2 to 650 metres south of the Colverdale Road is reduced to one lane for paving until Friday, Aug. 19. Expect delays. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. COLCHESTER COUNTY: Spencer Point Road Spencer Point Road is reduced to one lane during paving and other improvements from Trunk 2 for 1.4 kilometres. Work takes place from dawn to dusk. The project is expected to be finished Wednesday, Aug. 31 LUNENBURG COUNTY: Cookville Bridge Cookville Bridge on Route 331 to the North of King Street, will be closed for deck repairs until Friday, Aug. 5. The bridge will be closed to all vehicles but still open to pedestrians. Detour signs are in place. INVERNESS COUNTY: Marble Mountain Road Marble Mountain Road, from the intersection of Cenotaph Road east for about seven kilometres, is reduced to one lane for paving and repaving until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Work takes place from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 107, Partridge River Bridge Until the end of July, traffic on Highway 107 near Exit 18 in Lake Echo could be reduced to one lane with stop-and-go traffic between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The speed limit is reduced to 80 km/h. PICTOU COUNTY: Route 348 Route 348 from Bridgeville Road east for about seven kilometres is reduced to one lane for culvert replacement and repaving until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Traffic control people are on site. Work takes place from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. COLCHESTER COUNTY: Gully Bridge Repairs on Gully Bridge, Route 289, Brookfield Dean Road will continue until Thursday, Sept. 1. One lane will be open. A traffic light is on site. HANTS COUNTY: Vaughan Road Vaughan Road, from Trunk 14 to Route 236, is reduced to one lane for gravelling and chip sealing until Friday, Sept. 30. Work is from Monday to Friday from sunrise to sundown. Drivers should expect delays, slow down in construction zones, and be prepared to stop. INVERNESS COUNTY: Hatchery Bridge Hatchery Bridge on Hatchery Road, Margaree, is closed for repairs until Friday, Aug. 12. Detour signs are in place. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Malagash Road Malagash Road is reduced to one lane from Purdy Loop for 2.5 kilometres to Blue Sea Road during paving and other improvements. Work takes place from dawn to dusk. The project is expected to be finished Wednesday, Aug. 31. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Pugwash Village The Municipality of Cumberland is installing water lines in the village of Pugwash. This will result in single-lane traffic throughout the village as the work progresses. The project is expected to be finished by Dec. 16. COLCHESTER COUNTY: Salmon River Road Salmon River Road from Trunk 4 for about 6.8 kilometres to the east end of Valley Crossroads, is reduced to one lane for road repairs until Sunday, July 31. Work takes place from dawn to dusk. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 101 Bridge The Highway 101 Bridge over Highway 102 near Bedford is reduced to one lane on both the inbound and outbound lanes for repairs on weekends. There will also be a lane drop each way on Highway 102. Work starts on Fridays at 6 p.m. and ends on Mondays at 6 a.m. until Saturday, Aug. 20. NEW WORK DIGBY COUNTY: Trunk 1 Traffic will be reduced to one lane on Trunk 1, from Duffy Road west to Meteghan River Bridge during paving and culvert repairs. The project is anticipated to be completed Friday, Sept. 16.Signs and flag people are on site. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. LUNENBURG COUNTY: Highway 103 Sections of Highway 103 from Exit 12 for about nine kilometres to Northfield Overpass, have alternating lane closures for repaving and upgrading until Monday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Highway 104 The eastbound lanes of the Amherst Viaduct Bridge on Highway 104 have alternating lane closures for repairs until Monday, Oct. 31. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and traffic will be controlled by concrete barriers and signs. The bridge has a 4.5 metre width restriction and an 80 km/h speed limit. INVERNESS COUNTY: Crowdis Bridge, Valley Mills Crowdis Bridge, in Valley Mills on Marble Mountain Road, is closed until further notice. Detour via Eden Road, Barren Road, Northside River Denys Road and Southside River Denys Road. Signs are in place. VICTORIA COUNTY: Gillis Bridge Gillis Bridge, on North Branch Road, just past Uisge Bàn (USH-KA BAN) Falls Provincial Park, is closed until further notice.Access to the park is not affected. -30- COLCHESTER COUNTY: Route 246 Sections of Route 246, from 200 metres west of Kennedy Hill Road for about six kilometres west to Marshall Road, are reduced to one lane for upgrading including paving, slope stabilization, and guardrail repairs until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Traffic is stop-and-go and work takes place from daylight to dusk. ANTIGONISH COUNTY: Route 337 Sections of Route 337, from Malignant Cove for about 6.5 kilometres south towards Georgeville, are reduced to one lane for road work until Monday, Aug. 15. Work takes place from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. CONTINUING WORK INVERNESS COUNTY: West Lake Ainslie Road The Hayes River Bridge on West Lake Ainslie Road has a 15 tonne weight restriction. PICTOU COUNTY: West River Road As part of the construction of the new roundabout in the Town of Pictou at West River Road off Highway 106 at Exit 3A, crews will be removing the existing splitter islands and installing new storm drains from Monday, Aug. 1 until Wednesday Aug. 31. Traffic control will consist of an altered centreline. Use caution and reduce speed. During the construction vehicles will also be turning into the former entrance of the visitor information centre. Construction of the roundabout is expected to be completed Friday, Sept. 30. HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 111 The southbound lanes of Highway 111, between Exit 6 and Pleasant Street in Dartmouth, are reduced to one lane during construction from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays and from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m. on weekends. The speed limit is reduced to 60 km/h during construction and the work is scheduled to be completed on Sunday, July 31. COLCHESTER/CUMBERLAND COUNTY: Highway 104 Sections of the westbound lanes of Highway 104 for about 19 kilometres from Londonderry to Westchester Station, are reduced to one lane for paving, widening, and the installation of rumble strips and a guardrail until Wednesday, Aug. 31. Work takes place from dawn to dusk.last_img read more

Inaugural Bret Michaels Life Rocks Interactive Seminar

first_imgEntrepreneur, philanthropist and legendary singer Bret Michaels brings his unique sense of humor and view of life to his first ever Life Rocks seminar.It has been said that everyone has a story and sometimes all that is needed is a platform to let their inspirational story be heard. That platform is here as multi-platinum selling artist, global entrepreneur and philanthropist Bret Michaels launches his first ever Life Rocks Seminar at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida on September 24, 2014.This ground-breaking event will bring participants and Bret together an intimate setting where he will listen to stories from audience members, offer guidance and his views on life and share stories of his own in this interactive setting. Michaels who has been there, done that and managed to survive it all created the Life Rocks Seminar named after his Life Rocks Foundation, which supports causes such as diabetes, pediatric and adult forms of cancer, military/troop support and pet charities.Bret’s down to earth and often times comical approach to life’s issues will make this event both interesting and engaging bringing participants new and often times unique and interesting ways to approach difficult issues. Often times people feel like they have hit a brick wall with obstacles in their life, need inspiration or re-invigoration, have a person in their life diagnosed with diabetes looking for advice on managing or have a question or concern about a financial decision then this is the place to be.In a format similar to what was seen on his ‘Bret Michaels’ Lifeclass with Oprah Winfrey’, Michaels will be talking about real issues we all face and how he has overcome numerous obstacles and persevered. Whether it’s health, wealth, life, love or passion you want to talk about — come listen, talk and learn with Bret about how you can turn adversity into opportunity and your passions into profit.September 25th the singer will also perform at the Hard Rock Hotel when he helps the property kick off their annual “Pinktober” Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this event. Tickets will be available starting at 10:00 a.m Eastern Friday August 8 at Advance purchase is suggested as space is limited for this life-changing event which will surely be of epic proportions.last_img read more

Liberal MPs scuttled plans to have MMIW inquiry commissioners testify before committee

first_imgJorge BarreraAPTN National NewsLiberal MPs on the Indigenous Affairs committee appear to have scuttled plans to hold a hearing this month on the troubles facing the National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG).Committee MPs initially passed a motion tabled by Conservative MP Cathy McLeod to invite the inquiry commissioners to appear before the committee by June 15. The committee clerk had reached out to the commissioners who tentatively agreed to appear before the committee, APTN was told.Then, Liberal MPs changed their minds on the issue and argued the committee was already overloaded with too much work, according to information provided to APTN about the discussions which happened behind closed doors. Liberal MP Remi Masse led the Liberal side’s arguments on the issue, APTN was told.“Masse shut it down,” said a source with knowledge of the issue.Masse could not be reached for comment.None of the MPs on the committee would comment directly on the issue because the discussions happened during in camera sessions.McLeod, who is the Conservative party’s Indigenous affairs critic, said the motion is “sitting there,” but would provide no other details.“I can’t speak to what happens when committee is in confidence,” said McLeod. “I absolutely believe we have an important role which is why I put forward a motion to meet with the commissioners to hear what their challenges are.”Liberal MP Gary Anandasangaree said he could not discuss internal committee business. He said the commissioners would be invited to testify before the committee in the fall.“Over the years many of the commissions that have come forward have always gone through difficulties,” said Anandasangaree. “We need to give them the time and space to build a framework and execute it. In the fall we will hear from them on how they are progressing.”The inquiry commissioners have faced criticism from the families of the murdered and missing who say they’ve received little information on plans. The families have also said they believe the Privy Council Office, which is the prime minister bureaucracy, has too much control over the affairs of the inquiry.The inquiry has suspended hearings until sometime in the fall. There are no public hearings planned over the summer.The Senate committee on Aboriginal Peoples also requested the commissioners appear and testify, but it won’t happen until the fall. According to a committee official, the commissioners were not available to appear this month.The inquiry’s media spokesperson did not return a request for comment.The inquiry held one session of public hearings in Whitehorse which lasted three read more

Vague trade plan after Trumps tough talk

by Paul Wiseman And Josh Boak, The Associated Press Posted Mar 30, 2017 11:40 am MDT Last Updated Mar 30, 2017 at 6:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Vague trade plan after Trump’s tough talk WASHINGTON – The Trump administration has submitted a vague set of guidelines to Congress for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, disappointing those who wanted a major overhaul of a decades-old trade deal that Trump described as “disaster” during the presidential campaign.In an eight-page draft letter to Congress, acting U.S. Trade Rep. Stephen Vaughn wrote that the administration intends to start talking with Mexico and Canada about making changes to the pact, which took effect in 1994. Trump and other critics blame the agreement for wiping out U.S. manufacturing jobs because it allowed companies to move factories to Mexico to take advantage of low-wage labour.The letter spells out few details and sticks with broad principles. But it appears to keep much of the existing agreement in place, including private tribunals that allow companies to challenge national laws on the grounds that they inhibit trade — a provision that critics say allows companies to get around environmental and labour laws.The draft also contains some provisions that were part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-country Asia-Pacific trade agreement negotiated by the Obama administration but rejected by Trump for possibly hurting U.S. workers.“We’ve got a long ways to go,” said Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown. “President Trump made big promises to working people in Ohio, and I’m ready to work with him to deliver on those promises or hold him accountable if he doesn’t.”Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross confirmed in an interview on CNBC that the draft letter had come from the administration. He told CNBC that the administration wants to update how products qualify for tariff-free status, noting that some auto parts made outside the United States, Canada and Mexico can now qualify for this special status due to the agreement’s outdated rules.“It is a backdoor way for non-NAFTA goods to take advantage of NAFTA,” Ross said.But not everyone viewed the draft letter as protecting workers.NAFTA critic Lori Wallach, director of the left-leaning Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, called the letter “a punch in the face.”If it represents the president’s plan for a revamped NAFTA, she said, “he will have broken his campaign promises to make NAFTA better for working Americans and have a deal that cannot get a majority in Congress.”But Gary Hufbauer, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, which advocates free trade, said the letter leaves open the possibility that the Trump administration can take a tougher position once talks with Canada and Mexico begin.“The language is soft. It’s very diplomatic,” he said. “But it does have the potential of being an umbrella for very hard-hitting demands.”For instance, the letter said the president wants to revamp rules on government contracts to allow the U.S. government to insist that U.S. contractors do more to “buy American” while nudging the Mexican and Canadian governments to buy more U.S. products, too.Texas Republican Rep. Will Hurd, whose district runs more than 800 miles along the border with Mexico, welcomed administration calls for NAFTA to be updated to reflect the rise of e-commerce in the years since the pact was negotiated. The U.S. will seek commitments from Mexico and Canada not to impose customs duties on digital products.Criticizing NAFTA was a winner on the campaign trail. But many U.S. manufacturers have built complicated supply chains that cross NAFTA borders and worry that a rewrite of the deal will disrupt their operations. The letter states that a goal of new talks is to boost manufacturers’ profits “within the trading bloc.”U.S. farmers also have enjoyed increased access to the Mexican market through NAFTA, a benefit an amended agreement would look to expand.The vague draft may reflect a Trump administration still figuring out its trade priorities.Outside of the president’s own fiery rhetoric, congressional staffers have said it’s unclear precisely which administration officials are setting the agenda on trade.There is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a billionaire investor whom Trump has hailed as a “killer” negotiator.But the president also created the National Trade Council led by the economist Peter Navarro, who has talked up border taxes in hopes of bringing factory jobs back into the United States.And then there is Robert Lighthizer, the lawyer awaiting Senate confirmation as U.S. trade representative, the post officially responsible for leading talks about a new pact.White House spokesman Sean Spicer declined to discuss the draft until Lighthizer is in place.“Our goal is to get Robert Lighthizer appointed as the next ambassador and U.S. trade representative,” Spicer said. read more

Thursdays Daily Brief Poverty report reveals vast inequalities measles compounds DRC Ebola

Amid ongoing threats and violence against journalists, UN-appointed rights expert David Kaye has led calls for all countries “to create enabling environments” for freedom of expression, in both digital and traditional media. In a joint declaration issued by global rights experts, Mr. Kaye, who is the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, urged States to recognize people’s right to use the Internet as “an essential condition” for them to express their views. At the same time, the experts’ joint declaration also urges private firms to respect these rights, while also calling for independent oversight, transparency and accountability.  New UN poverty report reveals ‘vast inequalities’ between countries Listen to or download our audio News In Brief for 11 July on SoundCloud: Health workers have started a massive measles vaccination campaign in north-east Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a region that’s in the grip of the second deadliest Ebola virus outbreak on record. UN Children’s Fund UNICEF said on Thursday that it aims to inoculate 67,000 children in Ituri province. They’re just a small fraction of the 400,000 people displaced by an upsurge in communal violence and clashes between Government forces and non-State armed groups in the resource-rich area. Here’s the full story.‘Unlock opportunities’, UN chief urges on World Population Day There are vast inequalities across countries, and among the poorer segments of societies, says a new UN report published on Thursday.The 2019 global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) from the UN Development Programme (UNDP), shows that, in the 101 countries studied – 31 low income, 68 middle income and 2 high income – 1.3 billion people are “multidimensionally poor”(which means that poverty is defined not simply by income, but by a number of indicators, including poor health, poor quality of work and the threat of violence).“Action against poverty is needed in all developing regions”, the report states, noting that Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are home to the largest proportion of poor people, some 84.5 per cent.Within these regions, the level of inequality is described as “massive”.Read more here.Mass measles vaccination campaign begins in Ebola-hit DR Congo province As the number of people on the planet continues to rise, UN Secretary-General António Guterres marked World Population Day by highlighting the close link between the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and demographic trends – urging everyone to “unlock opportunities for those left behind and help pave the way for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development for all”.“For many of the world’s least developed countries, the challenges to sustainable development are compounded by rapid population growth as well as vulnerability to climate change”, he said in a statement on Thursday. “Other countries are facing the challenge of aging populations, including the need to promote healthy active ageing and to provide adequate social protection”.More on World Population Day here.In Mozambique, it’s ‘a matter of the heart’ says Guterres, lauding the cyclone-struck nation’s ‘undeniable moral authority’ Heavy monsoon rains continue to batter refugees in southern Bangladesh where UN aid teams on Thursday reported six landslides in just 24 hours and more people forced to leave their damaged shelters. Seven days after lashing camps in Cox’s Bazar, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that about 1,000 people had been affected by severe weather in the past 24 hours, causing “misery” for already vulnerable communities. Teams are working day and night to provide emergency services to those affected, IOM reported, while also warning about worsening damage to paths, bridges and drainage systems. According to the agency, more than 45,000 people have been affected by monsoon damage so far this year, compared to 55,000 impacted during the whole of last year’s rainy season.    A role for all in protecting freedom of expression, says UN rights expert  Arriving in Mozambique to express solidarity and see for himself the damage wrought by two back-to-back cyclones earlier this year, UN chief António Guterres on Thursday said “undeniable moral authority” lay with its people, who had borne the brunt of a disaster linked inexorably to climate change, and a warming world. “For me, visiting Mozambique is a matter of the heart”, he said to reporters after meeting President Filipe Nyusi, recalling previous trips as Portugal’s Prime Minister, as High Commissioner for Refugees, and now as Secretary-General, where he “always felt at home” among friends, “I would even say, among brothers.” Read about it here.And if you missed our special report from Mozambique on Wednesday ahead of the UN chief’s visit, read it here.UN migration agency describes refugees’ ‘misery’ in Bangladesh read more

Russian Twitter bots attempted to influence election by supporting Jeremy Corbyn investigation

Russia attempted to influence the results of the general election by promoting the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn,  it has been claimed. 6,500 Russian Twitter accounts, many of which are run by internet robots known as “bots”, supported Labour in the run up to last year’s election, an investigation by The Sunday Times has found.The social media accounts, most of which were created in the weeks before polling day, denigrated the Conservatives and promoted Labour during key points of the campaign, according to reports. The Twitter accounts helped Corbyn turn the Manchester Arena bombing into a campaigning point by amplifying tweets criticising May for cutting police numbers as Home Secretary, it was claimed. Matt Hancock, the digital and culture secretary, said the revelations are “extremely concerning” and urged Twitter to act to prevent it from happening again.  Most of the social media accounts were created in the weeks before polling day, it was reported Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Most of the social media accounts were created in the weeks before polling day, it was reported “Labour’s proposed crackdown on tax dodging, failed privatisation and corrupt oligarchs is opposed by both May and Putin’s conservative philosophy and their super-rich supporters. “The Labour Party’s people-powered election campaign attracted huge levels of public support online. We were not aware of any from automated bots, categorically did not pay for any and are not aware of any of our supporters doing so.” “It is absolutely unacceptable for any nation to attempt to interfere in the democratic elections of another country,” he told The Sunday Times.”The social media companies need to act to safeguard our democratic discourse and reveal what they know.”A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The Russian Government made clear its support for the Conservative Party in the 2017 UK General Election, with the Russian Embassy in London promoting their ideological “convergence” and Theresa May’s “strong and stable” slogan on Twitter. read more

The whole street is dying Moore Street traders feel theyre being wiped

first_img Jan 21st 2017, 7:30 AM 22,761 Views Short URL Share Tweet Email 52 Comments Source: CULLEN IS a third generation Moore Street trader.For over 20 years she’s sold fruit and veg from her stall in the heart of inner city Dublin to anyone who came by.In that time she’s watched her street change as the years passed and many of the traders packed up their stalls and left the area.For decades, making a living has been hard work for the Moore Street traders. A proposed regeneration and development of the area has been stalled for many years.Anti-social behaviour – including public drinking and drug taking and selling illegal tobacco – is also rife on Moore Street and the surrounding laneways.Add to this the fact that there are no dedicated public toilets for the traders, no street lights for them to operate under on dark nights, and big name supermarket brands operating very close by. Planning on Moore Street has a long and complex history Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieFor Marie, trading has always been a family affair. Her husband Tom Holbrook is at the stall with her every day. Her children help out regularly, selling fruit and veg and helping stock up the stall. However, she doesn’t believe they’ll continue the family work line when she retires.So, life has never been easy working on Moore Street; but for the past year, Marie says, it has been almost impossible.Every day for over 12 months a black mass of scaffolding has loomed large behind Marie, pushing her out onto the street. She has about 4ft to work on and is regularly knocked into and has her feet rolled over by trolleys and buggies.Standing behind the scaffolding is one of Ireland’s designated National Monuments: Nos 14-17 Moore Street. These are the buildings from which the Irish rebels led by Padraig Pearse surrendered in Easter 1916. The scaffolding looming up behind Marie’s stall and others. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/“All day there are people pushing by and trying to squeeze past, it’s a nightmare,” Marie tells this week.Over a year now it’s been like this and there’s absolutely nothing being done.To make matters worse, construction recently started on extending the shop fronts on the exterior of the ILAC Shopping Centre across the street.Planning permission was granted in November 2015 for works to be carried out in order to upgrade the shop facades on the exterior of the centre facing onto Moore Street.The work is being done to modernise and upgrade the storefront to make way for new higher-end retail units and cafes.Marie recognises that the work has to be done, but after a year of trying to sell her goods in front of scaffolding on one side of the street, she feels completely boxed in.“There’s no space when we’re setting up in the morning and there’s non-stop drilling all day,” she says.We’re finding it very, very hard.center_img ‘The whole street is dying’ – Moore Street traders feel they’re being wiped out Marie Cullen has been working beneath scaffolding on Moore Street for the past year. By Cormac Fitzgerald The scaffolding on the storefronts outside the ILAC Centre. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieWorksThe scaffolding behind Marie first went up last January in order to convert the run down buildings of the National Monument into a commemoration centre in time for the Easter Rising centenary celebrations in March.The Monument – much like Moore Street – has been at the centre of a protracted and hard-fought dispute between Dublin City Council and the national government on one side, and activists under the common banner of Save Moore Street on the other (many of them relatives of those who fought in 1916).The proposed works were going to interfere with other buildings on Moore Street, which the government has long-argued aren’t historically important. However Save Moore Street activists dispute this, and last year fought to put a halt to the construction.They took a court order against the works and in March they scored a huge victory when the High Court ruled that the entire of Moore Street was to be designated a historical battlefield site. Protesters occupying the buildings in Moore Street in January. Source: RollingNews.ieAs a result the Government is not permitted to interfere with the buildings. Officials from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht have appealed the High Court decision, with the case due to be heard in December of this year.The scaffolding remains first spoke to Marie in July last year. She was angry and frustrated then, and felt that the Moore Street traders had been forgotten about in the the debate over the future of the area.Despite the High Court decision on March, the scaffolding had stayed standing behind her. The Government had been granted permission by the High Court to carry out important repair work on the buildings. The scaffolding in July. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/“I’m losing money everyday while nothing is being done,” she said at the time.We spoke to her again before Christmas, when the streets thronged with shoppers and the dark conditions were making it very hard to work.The scaffolding still hadn’t budged and Marie said that her business was down by about 50% in the 11 months since in had gone up.“You just feel like no one cares one bit about us – and that’s just it,” she said. When we spoke to Marie in December she said she was at her wits’ end. Source: TheJournal.ieWhen we speak the Marie this week, the construction across the road has exacerbated her frustration and worries.She says she’s been told that that will continue for about four months. Meanwhile, the scaffolding remains towering behind her, with no sign of it being completed.A spokesperson for the Heritage Department told in December that the remedial works had to do with fixing the roofs of the buildings and were due to be completed by this month.Marie says that she’s been told it will be mid-February by the time the scaffolding comes down. She says the traders understand the need for the works and the regeneration of the street.“But we’ve been told different things by different people the whole time,” she says. “It just gets to the point that you can’t trust anyone anymore.”The whole street is dying and we’re all struggling.As she speaks, the drilling across the road continues unabated, drowning out her voice.Read: “I’m losing money every day while nothing is being done… it’s a nightmare” – How Moore Street’s traders have been forgotten aboutRead: ‘You just feel like no one cares one bit about us’ – Moore Street traders working in the shadows of history Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Saturday 21 Jan 2017, 7:30 AMlast_img read more

Secret Service to Pilot Facial Recognition at White House

first_imgStay on target The Department of Homeland Security last week published details of a Secret Service plan to test facial recognition at the White House.The program will test U.S. Secret Service (USSS) employees’ ability to verify the identities of ringers in public spaces around the complex.“Ultimately, the goal of the FRP [Facial Recognition Pilot] is to identify if facial recognition technologies can be of assistance to the USSS in identifying known subjects of interest prior to initial contact with law enforcement at the White House,” according to the DHS document.Currently, Secret Service members assigned to high-ranking government officials, their families, and visiting heads of state rely on photos to identify subjects of interest.“The USSS believes that deploying facial recognition technology will allow … law enforcement personnel to conduct a facial comparison prior to interaction or engagement,” Homeland Security said.The pilot program will be carried out in two separate areas of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.: an open setting, “where individuals are free to approach from any angle,” and an indoor space that “provides a controlled flow of individuals.”Each will use video streams from existing Crown Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera systems, and can capture facial images from as far as 20 yards.The pilot is scheduled to end on Aug. 30, 2019, at which point all collected facial image data will be deleted from the system.Still, thousands of people going about their daily business near the White House are having their faces scanned, and possibly falsely matched to target subjects (in this case, volunteer USSS officers).A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service told Geek in an email that “For operational security purposes we do not comment on the means and methods of how we conduct our protective operations.”It also didn’t actively share details of the upcoming program.Rather, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) this week highlighted the document—which reveals that “members of the public may be unaware that their facial images are being captured and used by a facial recognition technology,” but that people “cannot opt-out” of the testing.Folks can expect public notice of the deployment, though there is no word on when the pilot will begin.“While this pilot program seems to be a relatively narrowly defined test that does not in itself pose a significant threat to privacy, it crosses an important line by opening the door to the mass, suspicionless scrutiny of Americans on public sidewalks,” Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst for the ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, wrote in a blog post.“Face recognition is one of the most dangerous biometrics from a privacy standpoint because it can so easily be expanded and abused,” he continued, “including by being deployed on a mass scale without people’s knowledge or permission.”The DHS pilot document is deliberately obscure; puzzle pieces will remain missing as a safety precaution. But unanswered questions do more to stoke the fire than put out the flames.“The program is another blinking red light for policymakers in the face of powerful surveillance technologies that will present enormous temptations for abuse and overuse,” Stanley said, urging Congress to “demand answers” and intercede, if necessary.Editor’s note: This article was updated at 9:30 a.m. ET with comment from the U.S. Secret Service.More coverage on Facial Recognition Software Do More Good Than Harm?Face Recognition CEO Warns of Police AbuseFacial Recognition Helps Astronomers Understand Galaxies Amazon’s New Facial Recognition Smells Your FearLondon Police’s Facial Recognition System Has 81 Percent Error Rate last_img read more

Increase in Troop Levels Would Match DOD Request under Draft Bill

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The House Armed Services’ Military Personnel Subcommittee recommends boosting the military’s active-duty end strength by 15,600 in fiscal 2019, matching the Trump administration’s budget request from February. The subcommittee’s recommendation, contained in its mark for the FY 2019 defense authorization bill, includes the same targets by service as the administration’s proposal:Army — 4,000 (to reach an end strength of 487,500)Navy — 7,500 (335,400)Marine Corps — 100 (186,100)Air Force — 4,000 (329,100)The panel’s push to expand the armed services follows the lead of the Pentagon, which cited the need to respond to the growing threat posed by China and Russia in its budget request, reports Stars and Stripes. “Our military remains capable, but our competitive edge has eroded in every domain of warfare — air, land, sea, space, and cyber,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Wednesday in filed remarks before a closed House panel hearing.The panel, which is scheduled to markup its section of the annual defense policy bill Thursday, also backed the administration’s request for a 2.6 percent pay raise for service members.Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Zachery Laninglast_img read more

The state of our education system

first_imgPresident Jim Johnsen explains Strategic Pathways at University of Alaska Southeast’s Egan Lecture Hall Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016. (Photo by Quinton Chandler/KTOO)Alaskans love a challenge, and our educational system has plenty of them – with shrinking budgets, serious workforce deficits and poor retention rates for teachers and students.Listen NowHOST: Steve HeimelGUESTS:Jim Johnsen – University of Alaska presidentStatewide callers Participate: Call 550-8422 (Anchorage) or 1-800-478-8255 (statewide) during the live broadcastPost your comment before, during or after the live broadcast (comments may be read on air).Send email to (comments may be read on air) LIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. on APRN stations statewide.SUBSCRIBE: Get Talk of Alaska updates automatically by email, RSS or podcast.last_img read more