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the intensivists Dr. a breakdown in civil society — Korbel will hitch his house on wheels to a 1972 Ford F100 pickup. Minn. stopping to get supplies he’s cached along the way in PVC tubes buried underground He’s prepared he believes to ride out anything that man or nature might throw at himKorbel 53 is a prepper of course that breed of person who stockpiles food toilet paper and ammunition to last not days but months — just in casePreppers see themselves as prudent sensible ants in a world of feckless grasshoppers even while they recognize that others consider them paranoid conspiracy theorists and doomsday prophets"My wife gave me the nickname Mad Max" Korbel said "My brother he thinks it’s nuts He’s lazy I already know he’s going to be knocking on my door"Predictions that the end is near are as old as Noah More modern manifestations have included people who felt the need to build home fallout shelters during the Cold War and pessimists who feared the worst from a Y2K collapse Events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have continued to fuel fearsThe latest bad news: This year the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists decided to reset its famous Doomsday Clock _ "a universally recognized indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe " — from three minutes to only 2 minutes before midnightThe scientific worrywarts cited tensions between the US and Russia North Korean nuclear tests climate change a rise in "strident nationalism" and "intemperate statements" from President Donald Trump and even "lethal autonomous weapons systems" — yeah killer robots — among the looming existential threats to humanity According to the Bulletin scientists in the 70-year history of the Doomsday Clock the last time things have been this bad for the planet was 1953 just after the US and the Soviet Union developed the first hydrogen bombs At that time the scientists deemed we were only two minutes to apocalypseSelling peace of mindNo wonder Costco is selling $339999 packages of freeze-dried and dehydrated emergency foods that promise 31500 total servings enough to feed four people for a year with a shelf life of up to 25 years The food shipment arrives on a pallet that is "black-wrapped for security and privacy"Or you could buy end-of-the-world supplies from a specialty retailer such as SafecastlecomSafecastle was started by Prior Lake resident Vic Rantala after 9/11 because he saw a niche for an online source of affordable quality long-term stored foodThe company has since branched out to sell surveillance robots radiation detectors folding "bug-out" bicycles intended for paratroopers and a 35-piece pet survival kit designed for a "CATastrophe""We sell stuff nobody else sells" Rantala saidYou can even buy an underground fallout shelter that costs more than $100000"We early on developed a relationship with a steel plate shelter builder in Louisiana" Rantala said "Our builder has done seven-figure bunkers for people"He said his best-seller is something homier: canned cooked bacon with a shelf life of more than 10 yearsRantala 59 said his background has included service in the Army intelligence work for the government and communications and consulting for corporations But selling prepping gear has become "kind of like a life’s mission"The shelters he’s sold have saved lives in tornadoes he said Some of the food he’s sold to preppers ended up being eaten when the disaster turned out to be a job loss"We sell peace of mind to people" Rantala saidEven though he sold the company a couple of years ago he continues to work for it He said sales are close to $50 million a yearHe estimates that as many as "10 percent of the population are into prepping these days" although he admits figures can be fuzzy because preppers are notoriously secretive about their preparations"Sometimes you don’t even tell your family members" he said "It can be a little bit of an obsession I have to admit"Nuts or narrative"It’s good to have something stored away" said Peter Behrens a psychologist who recently retired as a professor at Penn State University in Lehigh Valley Pa "Some 72 hours’ worth of food is great"But he said prepping can turn into a "non-substance pathology" similar to hoarding and excessive gambling when taken to the extreme"A lot of people get into this as a pastime" he said But he said "It’s a slippery slope to becoming irrational and aggressive"Behrens said prepping is cause for concern if a person starts hoarding firearms and ammunition and if more than 10 percent of a person’s income is devoted to prepping And he warns that prepping can be similar to being in a cult if a person gives up long-standing relationships with friends and family members to associate only with other preppers"This is a situation that revolves around anxiety" he said "It doesn’t match with rational behavior"But Richard G Mitchell who studied survivalists as a sociology professor at Oregon State University said preppers are people who may just want to resist a humdrum life of comfort and consumption They want to create a personal narrative of themselves as the rugged individual who’s going to survive disaster"They want a place where they feel meaningful" he said "Survivalism is a storytelling process There’s a certain satisfaction to that"He added "These are people who are hobbyists They’re amused by the process They’re entertained by it They’re proud of it They’re nuts in the sense that they’ve not accepted the status quo"Knowing he’ll surviveKorbel has stored enough beans lentils rice pasta and soup to feed his wife and their two sons still living at home for a year and a half He’s prepared to grow his own vegetables mill his own grain and vacuum-seal the foods he’s preserving"These are good for 50 years" Korbel said showing off the homemade pemmican balls he’s made of beef peanut butter and nutsHe stores a couple hundred gallons of water and enough gasoline to fill his truck tank three times He’s got gas masks that he bought at Fleet Farm and suits to protect against a chemical attack that he bought online There are weather radios two-way radios and first aid kits on every level of his house The upper floor has escape laddersHe lives about 4 miles from the center of Minneapolis a little too close in case a nuclear bomb goes off in the city center Ten miles would be better he said But his wife is happy living in Columbia Heights and the mortgage is almost paid off"Yeah there’d be severe burns structures coming down But still survivable" he saidAmong the things that worry him are tornadoes civil unrest racial tensions terrorists conflict with Russia a government that "goes rogue""I wouldn’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist But I do think about it a lot" he said "If a comet lands on me I’m not going to worry about it"My worst fear would be a financial breakdown" and a collapse of the monetary system he said "You’ve got people bartering in gold silver jewels" Or ammunitionKorbel has set aside some of that as well along with handguns rifles and shotguns"I also have compound bows My boys they’ve trained in compound bows My wife is trained in that" he said"You need to defend your property and yourself" he said But he said "I’m not prepping for a war I’m not trying to hide anything I’m not trying to overthrow the government I don’t want to get shot I don’t want to shoot anyone"Korbel is a Metro Transit driver and an Army veteran who used to work as a carpenter a contractor and a semitrailer truck driver He’s been married 25 years and his wife is a nurse"He likes to be our protector" Betsy Korbel said "There’s a lot worse things to be doing"Korbel said he’s been a prepper about 12 years Last year he estimates he spent about $7000 on the activity"When I turn 80 I might turn around and look at this stuff and I might say ‘OK maybe I bought too much’" he saidBut he said he pays for prepping with side income he gets from recycling metals from old laptops and wires and driving for a food delivery service"I love it" Korbel said of his preoccupation with preparing "It’s something I enjoy""I know I’m going to be able to survive" he saidSyed Rizwan Farook 28 and Tashfeen Malik 27 his wife and mother of his 6-month-old daughter were killed in a shootout with police five hours after Wednesday’smassacre at the Inland Regional Center social services agency in the city of San BernardinoTwenty-one people were wounded in the shooting which ranks as the deadliest instance of US gun violence in three yearsSan Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said at a Thursday news conference that the search of a townhouse leased by Farook and Malik in the nearby community of Redlands turned up flash drives computers and cellphonesOfficials in Washington familiar with the investigation said so far there was no hard evidence of a direct connection between theshootersand anymilitantgroup abroad but the electronics would be checked to see if the couple had been browsing on jihadist websites or social mediaCNN citing law enforcement sources said Farook had been "radicalized" and had been in touch through telephone and social media with more than one international terrorism suspect who was being investigated by the FBIUSA Today citing a federal law enforcement source reported investigators were examining Farook’s contacts with an undisclosed number of people whose suspected ties to radical ideology have become known to the FBIOfficials from President Barack Obama to Police Chief Burguan said the attack may have been an act of terrorism but that questions of motive remained unanswered"It is possible that this was terrorist-related But we don’t know" Obama told reporters "It is also possible that this was workplace-related"Farook a US citizen was born in Illinois the son of Pakistani immigrants according to Hussam Ayloush who heads the Los Angeles area chapter of the Muslim advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)David Bowdich FBI assistant director in Los Angeles said the couple had entered the United States in July 2014 after a trip abroad that included Pakistan and perhaps other countriesHe said Malik was admitted to the United State on a K-1 "fiancee visa" and was traveling on a Pakistani passport Farook who according to public records worked as an health inspector for San Bernardino County did not have a criminal record Burguan saidPolice cited witness accounts that Farook had been attending the holiday party thrown for employees of the county Environmental Health Department but stormed out in anger He then returned with Malik armed with assault gear and opened fireBurguan said they sprayed the room with 65 to 70 roundsMORE WEAPONS BOMB-MAKING EQUIPMENT AT HOUSEBurguan said the couple had two assault-style rifles two semi-automatic handguns and 1600 rounds of ammunition in their rented sport utility vehicle when they were killed At the townhouse police found another 4500 rounds 12 pipe bombs and bomb-making equipmentThe guns were legally purchased in the United States said Meredith Davis a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF)Burguan said Farook bought the two handguns The rifles were purchased by someone else who Davis said was not linked to the investigationIn addition to sparking further debate on gun control laws the latestmassslayingin the United States came with much of the world on edge following the Nov 13 attacks in Paris by Islamic Statemilitants that killed 130 peopleAyloush appealed to the public not to jump to conclusions about the motives behind the San Bernardino attack He said he was concerned about a backlash against the broader Muslim community in view of the rise of Islamic State and some opposition among politicians and the public in the United States over US plans to accept Syrian war refugees"We’re living in a very difficult time" he told CNN "There’s a lot of Islamophobia out there a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment fueled by pundits here and there trying to blame a whole community for the acts of a few"Nizaam Ali a 23-year-old college student who said he knew Farook from mosque said Farook prayed two to three times a week during his lunch break at the Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah of America mosque in San Bernardino Ali said he had not seen any signs of radicalization or extremismFarook told Ali that he married his wife whom he met online in July 2014 Ali added that Farook’s wife wore the niqab a scarf that covers most of the face which was something Farook had mentioned he liked about herOBAMA REITERATES CALL FOR GUN LAW REFORMThe San Bernardino rampage was the deadliest US shooting incident since the December 2012massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut in which 27 people including the gunman were killedThere have been more than 350 shootings this year in which four or more people were wounded or killed in the United States according to the crowd-sourced website shootingtrackercom which keeps a running tally of US gun violence"I don’t think any community is immune" San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis told CBS "Certainly we don’t anticipate that kind of thing happening here It was a shock"Davis whose largely working-class city is 60 miles (100 km) east of Los Angeles said on Twitter he had a "heartfelt conversation" about the killings with Obama whoused the incident to make another call for gun law reform to reduce the likelihood ofmassshootings"We’re going to have to I think search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take the basic steps that would make it harder – not impossible but harder – for individuals to get access to weapons" Obama said at the White HouseHe ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in memory of the shooting victimsTen people remained hospitalized at two hospitals on Thursday – two in critical but stable condition five in fair condition and three in good condition the hospitals said (2.The House is not the first body to resurrect the Russian uranium deal. safety expert, I think the ministry of transportation should do the needful by banning its operations nationwide. it’s going to put you out of service,The increased enforcement means companies will likely put a second driver in the truck for long trips to avoid violations, Sambo Dasuki to enable him?

Speaking through its Chairman, The Bishops under the body of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, the farmers," Last month," Source: Reuters.

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