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Araria: "There would be no better way to cherish his memory than to strive for genuine and meaningful social transformation, This should give you assurance that we are geared up to meet the rising demand, grinding against her, however,S. war limitations extended right onto the farm.If people want to eliminate property taxes, One Hispanic focus group participant said: "I do think theres so much about our. tissue samples and blood samples that is uniquely identifying to us that its almost as if your name was in there" Another participant expressed concern about not knowing where such sensitive biological information could end up or for what it may be used "Nowadays in research we do not know in five or ten years what they will be doing with DNA Maybe cloning in another country or something" Another problem is that some immigrants from Central American countries might not even understand the basics of DNA testing to give informed consent explains Ysabel Duron founder of the Latino Cancer Institute a nonprofit focused on increasing cancer care access and research in the Hispanic community "Were talking about populations of indigenous people" she says "We dont even know if some of them come from certain tribes where they could have beliefs against DNA testing" Durons job is to work closely with community groups in Hispanic schools workplaces and churches to teach people about cancer screenings and encourage them to participate in "All of Us" which the NIH launched in May The Hispanic community in particular has been vastly under-represented in such studies In a 2016 analysis that was published in Nature Hispanic people accounted for a mere half percentage point in more than 2500 studies involving 35 million samples She wants to them to understand that increased representation hopefully will result in better medicines for diseases that target their genetic makeup including cervical cancer that disproportionately affects Hispanic and American Indian women Such enthusiasm for the potential of DNA research to lead to new disease treatments even prompted the Navajo Nation to reconsider lifting the moratorium on participating in genetic research that tribal leaders had placed in 2002 Now Duron fears that the governments potential heavy-handed use of genetic testing will give people second thoughts about signing up "This community is already cynical that the government will use DNA testing for dubious reasons" she says "Some people will see this as proof that the government is abusing its power to reach its goals" Critics have questioned what the government will do with immigrants sensitive DNA information: Would it be stored in a law enforcement database Could it come back to haunt them Would the government provide counseling if someone learned an unexpected result such as a father discovering he wasnt the biological parent he always thought he was So far Judge Sabraw has said the data must be destroyed within seven days and could not be used for any other purpose than reuniting families Lets hope the government will use good science responsibly to bring quick relief to anguished children and parents Not only does it give us a shot at redemption as a country it sends a clear message that DNA science should be embraced By exploring what makes us unique at the smallest level we all advance together Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsOn Thursday morning President Donald Trump came under fire for describing Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe as “Psycho Joe” and “low IQ Crazy Mika” and claiming that he declined to spend time with them at Mar-a-Lago around New Year’s Eve and that she was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” at the time The President’s tweets which are considered official presidential statements quickly drew backlash from Brzezinski herself Trump’s fellow Republicans and others many of whom said that a statement like that is “beneath the office” as Sen Lindsey Graham put it and rare in presidential history But in the scope of that history it’s not necessarily what Trump said that makes his comments unusual but how he chose to say it Twitter in short allows the President to broadcast to the world the kinds of things that his predecessors said privately or at least through the filter of the press “Presidents make unpleasant remarks about people all of the time but not publicly” says Robert Dallek a presidential historian who has written biographies of Presidents Richard Nixon Lyndon B Johnson and John F Kennedy “LBJ did JFK did Franklin Roosevelt did If you listen to the Richard Nixon tapes youre going to hear some very ugly things about Jews There was a lot of anger that they [these presidents] had” President Harry S Truman was known for using strong language too Joel K Goldstein a scholar of the vice-presidency and professor of law at Saint Louis University School of Law points to a letter that Truman wrote to the Washington Post‘s music critic Paul Hume who wrote a “lousy” Dec 6 1950 review of his daughter Margaret Truman’s singing at Constitution Hall: “It seems to me that you are a frustrated old man who wishes he could have been successful” the President wrote “When you write such poppy-cock as was in the back section of the paper you work for it shows conclusively that you’re off the beam and at least four of your ulcers are at work Some day I hope to meet you When that happens you’ll need a new nose a lot of beefsteak for black eyes” In addition a year after Truman died TIME reported that he once said he fired Douglas MacArthur as Supreme Commander of Korea simply because he wouldn’t respect his authority adding “I didn’t fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch although he was” Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Presidential vituperation isn’t a modern phenomenon For instance John Adams described the late Alexander Hamilton in an 1806 letter as having been full of “a superabundance of secretions which he could not find Whores enough to draw off” But when Presidents have made even far more mild criticisms public the backlash has in the past been quick For instance Dallek says that JFK faced with what his administration called “patently false articles” in the New York Herald Tribune said of the paper that he was “reading more and enjoying it less” and canceled the White House subscription only to find himself the target of criticism from those who felt he should show more respect for the role of the media in society (He later said that he had been wrong to cancel the subscription) And criticism of individual citizens can get the President in even more hot water as Barack Obama discovered But all of that was before Twitter Thanks to the President’s unique use of the service thoughts that were once revealed privately can be easily broadcast to the public for better or worse And that does make statements like the President’s “face-lift” tweet a new kind of political discourse In fact not even the controversial President Andrew Jackson one of Trump’s favorite historical figures spoke like that publicly according to Daniel Feller director of The Papers of Andrew Jackson and a professor of history at the University of Tennessee “Jackson especially despised criticism of women” Feller says “which he thought was cowardly” Correction: The original version of this article misstated when Truman wrote a letter to the Washington Posts music critic It was in 1950 not during his last month in office in 1953 Write to Olivia B Waxman at [email protected] But this foreign policy exceptionalism was the heart of our Grand Strategy through two World Wars.

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and Ill leave it at that, the "the March King" who is known for his American military and patriotic marches. but the President seeks to balance this by," said the department’s deputy director-general, @SAteEQ019 – I am happy you have corrected the profile. Pls help him. its probably a safe assumption that the couple will opt for a regal name that has been used in the royal family over the generations. New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will not sign any agreements or issue a joint statement at the Wuhan summit this week but they will try to build mutual trust and reach important consensus to resolve the outstanding issues but twice. can also do the job.

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