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And there are horror films like that. Contact us at [email protected] 22, 22,g. who was involved where and when it happened and what was the context and sequence of events) As a result of going through this process “John is always late” turns into “John was late for the leadership meeting three times last week” This helps avoid emotions and exaggerations as well as the disagreements that come when someone naturally tries to defend their behavior 4 Put on your coaching hat Benji Rabhan founder of AppointmentCore When I’m about to give feedback I put on my coach hat Here’s what I do: Strike while the iron is cold To be effective I must wait until I have emotionally separated myself from the equation This way I can proceed calmly and collectively so as to not engage the employee’s fight or flight reflex Ask for permission Once we sit down together I say “I’m going to wear the coaching hat as we talk about the project Is that okay” With their agreement I explain “There’s been something I’ve been trying to figure out and I need your help I am betting there is something I did not tell you or there is a difference between our past experiences in this area Do you mind if I ask you a few questions to see if we can figure out what I’m missing” Doing this sets the context of the discussion as mutual improvement and prevents defensiveness Challenge assumptions with open-ended questions I ask questions to help me understand their process for creating the work Rather than ask “Did you know that you did this wrong” I’ll say “Tell me about how you went about this assignment” As they’re sharing I’ll ask follow-up questions such as “What was the thought process of why you did it that way” I keep going until I run out of questions Open-ended questions help me discover what went wrong on the assignment and how to correct the missteps They also help the employee see the gaps in their own logic without me even having to say anything And sometimes I realize that I’m the one with the gap or that we both are In the end I believe the key to making the process work is a sincere curiosity and desire to: I recommend the book Nonviolent Communication It details great processes for having difficult conversations without sparking negativity 5 Forget motivation Stop demotivating Sevetri Wilson CEO of Solid Ground Innovations I am a very “straight to the point” person and I’ve learned the hard way that this can really hurt morale Constant criticism without an environment that praises great work leads to employees becoming demotivated because they feel like they can never be ‘good enough’ In a study that surveyed 12 million employees at primarily Fortune 1000 companies they found that employees often don’t need motivation It is constant critique without recognition that causes them to be demotivated When I give constructive criticism I always emphasize that I believe in the person and their work If I didn’t I wouldn’t have hired them I make it a point to let my team members know that I’m fully aware of their capabilities and I won’t accept anything less I try to transform the conversation’s energy into something constructive by reminding them of what I loved about their other more successful projects and work Whether that’s creativity attention to detail or content it’s important to get people to dig deep down and pull out the work that made me hire them in the first place 6 Give the conversation over to the employee Brian Scudamore founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, It’s also a great way to raise kids too – and I have four.

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