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first_imgStay on target As expected, Apple just held a press conference revealing a slate of paid subscription services to supplement somewhat softening hardware sales. We thought it was going to be big, big enough to relegate cool new iPad announcements to a simple news post. But I don’t think we were ready for how ambitious Apple’s plans really were. Cupertino is coming for all of your content, whether it’s news or finance or video games or original streaming shows.Are you a fan of magazines but not someone who works in media, leaving you blissfully unaware of how the industry is struggling with devalued labor? Well instead of paying thousands of dollars per year for separate subscriptions, buy a single Apple News+ subscription for $10 per month to gain access to over 300 magazines and newspapers with rich interactive articles redesigned for iOS. It takes us back to the heady days of 2010, the last time the iPad was supposed to save magazines. Shout out to the presenter though for using Essence as the example.Speaking of industries Apple helped ruined only to then try and save, the company is also creating its own video game subscription service to rival Xbox Game Pass and Google’s upcoming Stadia streaming platform. Apple Arcade gives players access to over 100 exclusive premium mobile games playable across all devices even offline, including Apple TV. Partners include lots of indies but also Sega and the Final Fantasy veterans at Mistwalker.AdChoices广告But as cool as this could be, we’re worried about the economics if developers are encouraged to make artificially longer games to get paid more. Also, as I mentioned after my recent Apple games briefing, the fact that it takes a bundle like this to encourage people to pay for and play better mobile games just shows how much free-to-play mechanics have totally poisoned that whole market.The big news though came from the TV side. The new Apple TV Channels app sounds like a kind of smart cable service letting you pick and choose different channels to view more easily, including now on smart TVs. But the channel Apple is most invested in is Apple TV+, its upcoming entry in the streaming TV service wars.In an endless parade of celebrities (but little concrete footage) combining insufferable Hollywood smugness with insufferable Apple smugness, Apple promised a slate of original programming that will do no less than save humanity. So get ready for blind Jason Momoa, a Sesame Street spin-off about coding, Kumail Nanjiani celebrating immigrants, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston dunking on Steve Carell’s sexism, Steven Spielberg embracing internet TV at last, and something from Oprah.And with all the money you’re going to save letting Apple control your whole entertainment ecosystem, let them control your financial ecosystem as well with Apple Card. This service integrates Apple Pay with banking features, an app but also a straight-up physical credit card backed by the oh-so-trustworthy Goldman Sachs. Apple talked a big game about removing fees, providing generous daily cash back on purchases, not tracking purchases, and helping users more intelligently pay back debts. But will this overcome the inherently predatory nature of credit cards and capitalism in general?All of these new Apple services roll out throughout this year. Some perks are even available now. So even if you’re part of the dwindling audience willing to spend over a thousand dollars for a phone without a headphone jack, there will at least be new ways to enjoy your commitment to Apple. Meanwhile, we’ve still got some nice unused pitches for original Apple shows right here. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week last_img

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