Verizon Will Offer Free AntiRobocall Tools to All Customers

first_img SteelSeries Arctis 1 Is World’s First USB-C Wireless Gaming HeadsetGeek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone Kit Robocalls remain a major issue for smartphones worldwide, but Verizon is stepping up its spam protection efforts: The company will roll out free anti-robocall tools for all of its customers this spring.In March, these call blocking and spam alerting tools will be available for Verizon wireless customers with compatible Android and iPhone devices, said the company in a press release. Verizon hasn’t provided a launch date for these apps, however, it said it will alert customers on the sign up procedure soon.Verizon didn’t give specific details on these apps, but the company said it will help customers avoid robocalls and other spam messages on their smartphones. The tools will notify customers of potentially dangerous robocalls on their smartphones with quick notifications on their screens. Additionally, they will feature call authentication technology that will analyze incoming calls and messages that might be mobile spam.To date, Verizon has identified almost 300 million numbers that are connected with robocalling and spamming. Even though this data is concerning, Verizon has helped customers block robocallers and spammers with other key initiatives.Over a year ago, Verizon added free call and spam screening to wireless customers who subscribed to its Call Filter service (formerly Caller Name ID). The service alerts users about spam callers and unknown numbers by name and shows a risk meter associated with the call. If the call shows signs of spamming, the incoming call will display a spam label notification.Caller ID service customers with wirelines also receive Verizon’s Spam Alert services for free. The caller ID will display a number with “SPAM?” if it corresponds with Verizon’s spam criteria. Following its launch last year, Verizon said this feature has alerted customers about almost one billion potential robocalls.For more information on how to block calls and messages, visit Verizon’s Blocks FAQs support page.More on, Doctors, and Disney Praise Verizon 5G at CES 2019Google Maps Speed Limit Signs Are Spotted in More US CitiesACLU Sues Federal Government Over Social Media Surveillance Stay on targetlast_img

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