Guillermo del Toro creates completely insane The Simpsons Halloween couch gag

first_imgThe “Treehouse of Horror” Simpsons episodes are a time-honored institution. No matter how you feel about The Simpsons over the years — love the old ones, hate the new ones, love them all, hate them all — the Halloween specials have always been appointment television, or at least appointment DVR. The other time-honored television institution is The Simpsons’ title credits couch gag. This year, the “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” couch gag is directed by Guillermo del Toro, and is as weird and interesting as that sounds.Rather than just a normal, quick couch gag, del Toro takes over the entire introduction, and packs it full of seemingly every single horror reference in the modern day consciousness. From every old iconic movie monster running down the street, to Mr. Burns as Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth, you’ll have to watch the introduction a handful of times in order to catch everything. Futurama’s Hypnotoad even makes an appearance (as the toad from Pan’s Labyrinth), and makes us all sad that the show has been canceled once again, and this time, likely for good.Guillermo del Toro didn’t simply pack a bunch of references into the title sequence — he took it much further, and played on the parallels between scenes in famous horror sequences, and scenes in The Simpsons‘ opening sequence. For instance, a scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds takes place outside of a school, so del Toro used Mrs. Krabappel in a similar sequence outside of Springfield Elementary. When Homer normally loses a radioactive isotope down the back of his shirt and leaves work carefree, this time, del Toro has him mutate into a Reaper from Blade, and then transforms Carl into Blade proper to chase Reaper-Homer.If you dig this year’s intro sequence and wish Guillermo del Toro would take his talents to The Simpsons once again, he did state that he’d like to direct an entire “Treehouse of Horror” segment in the future, aiming to make it truly scary instead of full of horror-themed jokes.Tune into the episode today at 8PM Eastern on Fox.last_img

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