BBC uses Halos United Nation Space Command as UN logo

first_imgHalo‘s United Nations Space Command was featured in the BBC’s Thursday broadcast of its News at One segment last week, but it wasn’t concerning violence in video games–or even video games for that matter. It was about Amnesty International criticizing the UNSC’s lack of involvement in Syria.No, Master Chief isn’t about to start getting involved in Earth’s political conflicts, though, it does sound like some Call of Duty/Halo fan-fiction crossover. Rather, someone at the BBC made an error when Google-ing for an image to represent the United Nations Security Council in its segment. In case you haven’t pieced it together, they both share the same acronym.Unfortunately for the news grunt who was no doubt furiously trying to dig up the image, the first few results that load for “UNSC” are Halo’s United Nations Space Command logo. The logo is also surrounded by a stream of space and sci-fi themed Halo-related photos, but when the mighty backhand of up-to-the-minute news hits, it’s sometimes hard to think about anything outside of the assigned task. Then again, the producer should have asked for a UN logo, as the UN Security Council technically doesn’t have its own dedicated seal.After the mix-up, the BBC released a statement to Eurogamer saying that they apologize to viewers for the incident, but “very occasionally mistakes do happen.” If anything, the viewers who caught on were likely more amused than furious–I know I am. The BBC also made sure the image was not used in later news bulletins.via Eurogamerlast_img

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