Rainbow 6 Patriots footage teases a Modern Warfare twist

first_imgUbisoft Montreal has released six minutes of “target footage” for its upcoming shooter Rainbow Six: Patriots, showing that the vision for the 2013 release is much closer to Call of Duty than it is to the meticulously planned stealth of the franchise’s roots.In anticipation of the footage being leaked to the public following several leaks to the press, Ubisoft has chosen to “take the initiative” and release the footage to “start a conversation” with the community, according to creative director David Sears.The video is roughly 6 minutes of concept footage – it isn’t actual gameplay, but rather pre-rendered video designed to show what the final game aims to resemble. This is common practice in the games industry but it’s rarely seen in public, especially so early in production (Patriots is slated for a 2013 release).Viewers are treated to a first-person experience of being taken hostage by a terrorist organization called the True Patriots, and waking up with a bomb strapped to their chest. A gunfight sparks on Brooklyn Bridge, and from there the perspective changes to that of a Team Rainbow member. After sniping a few baddies from one of the bridge’s towers, our hero repels down and takes the fight to the street.Throughout combat, smart systems such as friend-or-foe detection and vision through walls or smoke are shown. When enemies appear on-screen through some opaque material, they show as Matrix-esque scrolls of ASCII characters.As fighters advance up the street, teammates provide cover for each other from opposite sides of the bridge and use different levels of the bridge to flank terrorists. In a hint of the game’s new narrative direction, as Sears teased to Game Informer magazine, the footage ends in the sort of blockbuster moment you’d expect from a Modern Warfare game.Rainbow 6: Patriots is due out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2013.Blake’s OpinionEven in concept form, the experience appears very much on rails, like the Call of Duty series. Given the franchise’s massive success, it’s hard to argue against that from a business standpoint.At this point, I think we’ve found the new cliche in FPS gaming: stopping terrorists in modern America. And since this seems to be the plan for R6 Patriots, I’m concerned about the franchise’s future.Previous Rainbow 6 games have left behind other features that made them unique. That series, and the Ghost Recon spinoff, lost their touches of stealth and most of their focus on cool James Bond-ish gadgets. When Rainbow Six Vegas came along, it at least helped make the cover system the action gaming must-have feature that it is today.What is Patriots bringing to the table that’s new?last_img

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