Amazon brings Etch A Sketch app to the Kindle

first_imgGood news for all you kids-at-heart who miss playing with your beloved childhood toy, the Etch A Sketch: Amazon is bringing an app called Doodle to the Kindle that will more or less let you “Etch A Sketch” on your e-reader.If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the Etch A Sketch, and have never seen Toy Story, normally, an Etch A Sketch has a thick, flat gray screen in a plastic frame with two knobs on the frame’s lower corners. When the user twists the knobs it moves a stylus that transfers aluminum powder to the back of the screen leaving a solid line visible to the user. One knob moves the stylus horizontally and the other moves it vertically to create lineographic images.The Etch A Sketch has been a very popular toy since it launched in 1960. Over 50 years later, Amazon is bringing the Etch A Sketch to the Kindle for just 99 cents. Instead of using those pesky knobs to draw your pictures, the Doodle app for Kindle draws lines with the “5-way” controller or the keyboard. One thing that was nearly impossible to do with the original Etch A Sketch was to move diagonally. Most of the time an attempt to draw a diagonal line resulted in a sort of stair-step design, but the Kindle’s keys also allow you to move diagonally. Also, you can draw black lines on a white screen, or white lines on a black screen. Fancy!The Doodle app is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas that we’re surprised we haven’t seen sooner. We’re hoping that the Doodle app won’t take away too much business from Etch A Sketch manufacturer the Ohio Art Company.via Wiredlast_img

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