Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim That He ‘Prepaid Millions’ in Income Taxes

first_imgThe Democrats have seized on his income tax bills as a symbol of the inequalities in the current tax system.“Why should a firefighter, an educator, a cop — why should a welder, why should a steelworker pay a higher tax rate than the super wealthy?” Mr. Biden asked Monday during a campaign stop in Cleveland. “Why should you pay more taxes than Donald Trump, for God’s sake?”Russ Buettner contributed reporting. As the Biden campaign has sought to make an issue of the $750 income tax bill President Trump had in 2016 and again in 2017, he has shot back by saying he has “prepaid millions of dollars” in federal income taxes. – Advertisement – As a result, the records show, he ultimately paid just $750 in both 2016 and 2017, and nothing at all in 10 of the previous 15 years.In 2016 and 2017, the most recent two years covered in the personal tax records obtained by The Times, Mr. Trump requested extensions to file his individual returns. Each time, he made the required payment to the I.R.S. for income taxes he might owe — $1 million for 2016 and $4.2 million for 2017. In addition, over the years Mr. Trump has occasionally made other tentative payments, $503,982 since 2008.- Advertisement – Mr. Trump’s tax records, obtained by The New York Times, show that, like many Americans whose income taxes are not regularly withheld from their paychecks, he has made estimated payments during the year, including when he submitted requests for extensions to file his tax returns. But virtually every one of those payments ended up not being needed and was either refunded or rolled forward to cover potential future taxes, according to The Times’s examination of the tax records.center_img The Times does not have Mr. Trump’s personal income tax information for 2018 and does not know whether he had a federal income tax bill that year to which he could have applied these tentative payments. Mr. Trump, like most Americans, regularly paid other types of federal taxes, including Medicare and Social Security, and the tentative payments he rolled forward could also be used to pay those taxes.Since The Times’s investigation was published in late September, Mr. Trump has chafed at its findings, at times conflating federal income taxes with other kinds of taxes.“Basically they are saying I paid nothing,” he said at a White House press briefing several weeks ago. “First of all, I paid a lot. I paid a lot of state income taxes too.” As with much of what Mr. Trump has said about his taxes, however, his assertion about prepayments is misleading at best, and serves to distract from the reality — unaddressed in any of his public statements — that he has paid little or no federal income taxes most years, largely because his business losses far outweighed his profits.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

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Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Who Saw a Living Wage as a Right, Dies at 91

first_img– Advertisement – Helen Lachs Ginsburg, an economist and leading authority on full employment, or what has been called a job guarantee, died on Oct. 8 in a hospital in Queens. She was 91. Her family said she had multiple health problems.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – “Living-wage jobs as a right may seem unrealistic,” Dr. Ginsburg wrote in a 2011 article, “but so once did the right of all children to go to school, the right of women to vote and the abolition of slavery.”Dr. Ginsburg was a founding member of the National Committee for Full Employment, which was led by Coretta Scott King as she carried on the quest for economic justice and equality begun by her husband, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Dr. Ginsburg lectured around the country in the 1970s in support of the full employment legislation proposed by Augustus Hawkins, California’s first Black representative in Congress, and Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, Democrat of Minnesota.- Advertisement – The original legislation, intended to reduce inequality and poverty, would have provided a job for everyone who wanted to work. It was a forerunner of similar proposals today, including the federal job guarantee, a $15 minimum wage and the Green New Deal, which includes a right to living-wage work.A watered-down version of the Humphrey-Hawkins bill was passed in 1978 and did not guarantee full employment. At that point, a disappointed Dr. Ginsburg began her study of Sweden’s successful, sustained full employment policy. Dr. Ginsburg had retired as a professor of economics at Brooklyn College, where she specialized in labor and social welfare. She studied the public policy’s ramifications of full employment in the United States as well as in Sweden, and she received several awards from the U.S. Department of Labor.Full employment — defined as an economy in which anyone who wants a job can find one — has been part of the national conversation since the early 20th century.President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a strong proponent of full employment during the Depression. His hiring programs, including the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps, provided significant relief for many workers, but their temporary nature made them insufficient to achieve the long-term benefits that he had hoped for. It led to her book, “Full Employment and Public Policy: The U.S. and Sweden” (1983), which inspired progressives to examine the Swedish model and try to adopt parts of it to the United States.She also co-wrote, with two authors, a 1994 manifesto on full employment, “Jobs for All: A Plan for the Revitalization of America.” That work led to the creation of the National Jobs for All Coalition, now called the National Jobs for All Network, which promotes the idea that everyone capable of working has a right to a job. Dr. Ginsburg was a founding member.“Helen Ginsburg was a model of a scholar-activist whose research and writing, always informed by her engagement in the struggle for economic justice, was an inspiration and impetus to all who carry on that struggle,” Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, chair of the National Jobs for All Network, wrote in a tribute.Helen Lachs was born on June 25, 1929, in the Bronx. Her father, William Lachs, was a haberdasher. Her mother, Anna (Riegelhaupt) Lachs, was a homemaker.She grew up in Bayside, Queens, and received her undergraduate degree in economics from Queens College and a doctorate in economics from The New School.She married Nathan Ginsburg in the mid-1950s. He survives her, as does her brother, Sherman Lachs.last_img read more

Republican senator announces he may at some point soon slightly buck Trump, maybe

first_imgOklahoma Sen. James Lankford will win no prizes for heroism on this score, but did promise that he would possibly step in, maybe, if this continued to drag on. Lankford told Tulsa radio station KRMG that he would pressure for Biden to begin receiving classified daily intelligence briefings if the Trump administration was on Friday still refusing to grant them. It’s not clear what specifically Lankford would do, but we can probably consider this a formal notice from the senator of a future intent to have courage, possibly; everyone knows these things take a bit of paperwork and you cannot just have courage without giving your voters the proper pre-warnings.So we’re going to pin this to the wall and wait for tomorrow. Will Lankford follow through? We’ll see.- Advertisement – Before anyone gets too excited about this future almost-break from collective Republican delusion, however, note that Lankford went to great lengths to couch his threat of principles in language that did not specifically go against Trump’s claim of being the imaginary election winner. Lankford refused to directly acknowledge Biden as the election’s winner, instead arguing that there would be no harm done in providing him the briefings while Trump worked though his Stages of Grief pamphlets, each one backed up with whatever lawsuits his crack (cough) legal team could throw, at his own pace.“Joe Biden can continue to be able to function and say, ‘I’m the president-elect,’ and great if you want to say that, go do it, and to be able to do your preparation work. The President can say, ‘Not so fast. I’ve got questions to answer.’ Great, go ask them,” CNN quotes Lankford as saying.Lankford was joined today by Senate Majority Whip John Thune, who also said Biden ought to begin receiving the briefings because “it probably makes sense to prepare for all contingencies.” Yes, he referred to seating the clear winner of a United States presidential election as only one possible “contingency.”- Advertisement – Just to bring us back to reality here, Donald Trump’s claims of fraud are clearly delusional. Legal motions filed on his behalf continue to be tossed back by judges who have repeatedly noted that the claims do not include any actual evidence of the things they are claiming. Trump is engaged in a full-throated effort to undermine the election through false propaganda—a clear attack on the nation’s democracy, mounted from inside the White House.Republican lawmakers, Lankford included, continue to abet him. Most of it is because they do not want to run afoul of Trump’s voters, aka the Republican base, which has now become so pudding-brained after years of Fox News conspiracy-peddling that they will literally believe anything the network’s loudest talkers shriek into their ears. But a good chunk of it also appears to be specifically self-serving cowardice: Republicans are waiting to see if Trump’s threats of coup are successful.If Trump looks like he can succeed, they will abet him. If Trump merely collapses into a muttering puddle of delusions and self-pity, they will scrub their past support for him and pretend none of this ever happened.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

Realme 6 Pro New Update in India Comes With Super Power-Saving Mode, October 2020 Security Patch

first_imgRealme 6 Pro has started receiving the November 2020 over-the-air (OTA) update in India. The update adds new features such as a super power-saving mode, multi-user feature, and a ‘from sunset to sunrise’ setting for eye comfort. Besides that, it also brings the October 2020 Android Security Patch to the phone, along with system improvement and fixes. The update will have a staged rollout, which means that only a limited number of Realme 6 Pro users will receive it initially.The firmware version for the update is RMX2061_11.A.37. Realme announced the update for Realme 6 Pro on its official forum. Users can check for the update in their phone settings if they haven’t received a notification yet. It should be noted that the full rollout will take a few days as it is being rolled out in a phased manner. Realme will start a broader rollout after it is assured that there are no critical bugs in the update.Realme 6 Pro November 2020 update changelog- Advertisement – – Advertisement – As per the changelog, the latest update for Realme 6 Pro will optimise the default state of the brightness lock. Changes to calls include optimising the layout of the call setting interface and fixing an issue regarding the ‘Reject With SMS’ feature. The new Realme 6 Pro update will add a toggle to the settings interface of Screenshot. There will also be a new toggle for the keyboard when entering the app drawer, along with another toggle for system icons in the Status Bar.The November 2020 update for Realme 6 Pro will optimise the language display issue of HeyTap in some scenarios. An issue that resulted in an abnormal preview of the recording video interface when filming in 1080P/60 frames has also been fixed, as per the changelog.Is Realme TV the best TV under Rs. 15,000 in India? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Senate Democrats call on DHS inspector general to investigate ICE abuses against Black immigrants

first_imgSens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wrote in their letter to DHS inspector general Joseph V. Cuffari that their offices “have received a deluge of calls from community members, legal advocates, and individuals from around the country who are desperately worried about the potential fate of these asylum-seekers.”“Roughly 700,000 people have been displaced and several thousand have been killed since the conflict in Cameroon began, with over 3.9 million in desperate need of humanitarian support,” they said. “ICE detainees who would be returned to Cameroon face a high risk of being detained, beaten, disappeared, tortured, or killed. The use of coercion to force detainees to sign deportation orders against their will, to deport them to a country where they face a high risk of torture or death, is unconscionable.”- Advertisement – Halting these deportations is a move the next administration has the ability to carry out on day one—President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly looking into placing a 100-day deportation freeze—but these asylum-seekers are vulnerable right now.“The use of physical violence and torture to force immigrants in detention to sign their own deportation paperwork is egregious and immoral,” SPLC’s Immigrant Justice Project senior supervising attorney Luz Lopez said last month. “The practice underscores ICE’s wanton disregard for the rights and human dignity of the Black, Brown and Indigenous people they so callously imprison and deport. These Cameroonian men are calling for justice. Congress must heed their call and not allow ICE to escape accountability for these unconscionable abuses.” But in spite of these risks, ICE has continued to deport Black immigrants to this possible death. Freedom for Immigrants said that another ICE flight deporting mainly Cameroonians and Angolans left the U.S. earlier this week:The statement from the senators says this new request to the DHS inspector general “follows Senator Van Hollen’s previous letters to acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, urging the administration to halt deportation actions on Cameroonian asylum-seekers until violence in Cameroon has abated.” Van Hollen wrote in that letter that some of the immigrants who were deported “either now live in hiding for fear of their lives or have not been heard from since leaving the U.S.”“The situation is so dire that some of the family members of those being removed tell me that their loved ones ‘would rather die in ICE custody than be deported to Cameroon,’” he continued. “Many of those scheduled to be removed on November 10 have lost family members in Cameroon at the hands of the police because they dared to seek asylum in the U.S.” It’s unclear how many of them were deported on the flight that left this week.- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

Brodosplit delivered a new ship for the fleet of domestic nautical tourism

first_imgToday, in the Shipbuilding Industry Split, Newbuilding 546, a nautical tourism ship built for a domestic client, the company Tajna mora doo, owned by the Marunčić family from Omiš, was laid in the sea.The ship is 48,38 meters long, 9,5 meters wide, 2,40 meters deep, 3,82 meters high and 497 tons gross. According to the project plan of the company Navis and the rules and regulations for passenger ships and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping, Brodosplit has made a steel hull and superstructure to be installed at sea.The launch was attended by family members, construction and financing partners, friends, and Duje Marunčić, the grandson of the owner of the company, cut the rope with champagne and symbolically “launched” the ship into the sea. “We are pleased with the new boat, which will involve all family members. The boat is primarily intended for business, but we believe there will be time for rest as well. This is the culmination of our work. The merit is the result of many generations of our family and many years of stay at sea and work in the sea, almost more than 40 years of navigation. she stated Snježana Marunčić.This is the twelfth “mini cruiser” from a series of passenger ships and programs to support domestic nautical tourism, which Split shipbuilders have been building since 2012 for fantastic clients from Krilo Jesenice, Duce and Omis. “With the construction of cruise ships, Brodosplit’s efforts to be a constant support in the renewal of the passenger and excursion fleet for Croatian private shipowners – small entrepreneurs whose goals are the development of small businesses on the coast and islands, tourism through organized day trips and multi-day cruises.”Point out from Brodosplit.last_img read more

Blue Lagoon in Sisak in search of seasonal workers

first_imgThe team of the tourist group Plava laguna (companies Plava laguna dd and Istraturist Umag dd) will present employment opportunities in their companies on Friday, October 27, and invite all interested to come to the Job Fair in Sisak organized by the Croatian Employment Service – Sisak Regional Office.The job fair will be held tomorrow at 10,00 in the Hotel Panonija (I. Kukuljevića Sakcinskog 21, SISAK) and from Plava Laguna we invite all those interested to come and get acquainted with the possibilities of seasonal work in Istrian destinations.Plava laguna dd is a company behind 60 years of successful work and development. In its accommodation capacities, it can accommodate over 20 thousand guests a day, of which more than 8 thousand in hotels and apartments, and over 12 thousand in campsites, which makes over 2,3 million overnight stays annually. It also has 360 berths in two marinas and a number of catering, sports and other facilities that complete the basic offer.Istraturist Umag dd is a Croatian company with more than 50 years of tradition in providing tourist services in hotels, apartments and camps. It manages 22.800 beds in 5 hotels, 5 camps and 4 apartment complexes. All Istraturist facilities are located on the northwest coast of the Istrian peninsula, along the 40-kilometer-long Umag Riviera.last_img read more

Bol High School on Brač offers scholarships, free accommodation and food, a laptop and a secure job in tourism

first_imgAfter a full 18 years of lack of interest, Bol High School is again enrolling in a three-year program for chefs and waiters, and with the aim of enrolling more students in the next school year, Bol High School on Brac invites students to enroll outside Bol and the island, ie from all over Croatia. tempting conditions.Thus, the Bol High School on Brač invites students from all over Croatia and offers them free accommodation and food, a 1.200 kuna scholarship, a laptop and finally the most important thing – a job in one of Bol’s hotel houses, Zlatni rat and Bretanida.Ovakav proaktivan i jedinstven potez Srednje škole Bol je za svaku pohvalu, jer čekati da se nešto samo od sebe riješi sigurno nema efekta. Dakle, Srednja škola Bol na Braču upisuje učenike u 3 programa u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu: Konobar i kuhar kao trogodišnji strukovni program i Turističko – hotelijerski komercijalist kao četverogodišnji strukovni program.Chefs and waiters HRK 1.200,00 per monthIn the next school year 2018/2019. year, classes at the High School Bol will take place in two programs: high school tourism and catering. Within tourism and catering, classes are organized in two additional directions: tourist-hotel commercialist as a four-year vocational program, and chef and waiter, as a three-year vocational program. Namely, all students who meet the conditions for enrollment in the student dormitory will be entitled to completely free accommodation and meals in the new student dormitory (costs will be financed by the Municipality of Bol). Students who enroll in the program for the profession of chef or waiter, are entitled to a full scholarship of 1.200,00 kn per month. The scholarship is provided by the hotel company Hoteli Zlatni rat dd, which is part of the Bluesun Hotel, Croatia. Students are provided with practical classes, employment and accommodation during school in the summer months.Secured job after graduationThey are also provided with jobs and accommodation after completing their education. Students who enroll in the program for the profession of Tourist-Hotel Commercialist have the opportunity to take the state matura and enroll in the desired study programs. If they do not want to continue their education, they have the possibility of permanent employment with secured accommodation in the hotel company Zlatni rat dd or some other hotel in Bol. For students who travel to Bol high school every day from other Brač places, a grant of 2.000 kuna has been provided for the entire school year, as assistance for traveling students. Practice has shown that students who enroll in the General Gymnasium successfully pass the state matura exams and enroll in the desired faculty.New laptops and tablets to use         Furthermore, all enrolled students receive a new laptop or tablet for use, ensuring access to all digital educational content. This project has the full support of the Ministry of Science and Education, the Split-Dalmatia County, the Municipality of Bol, Bol business entities and the entire local community. In addition to all the above benefits for future Bol high school students, it should be noted that education on the island has additional features and beauties, such as living in a small friendly community, in classes with fewer students, which guarantees quality teaching, living and schooling in beautiful sea environments. pines, and provided the necessary peace for learning.Take a look at what the Student Dormitory looks like and what conditions it offers HERElast_img read more

The Sinj Alka Museum is the winner of the Europa Nostra Award – the European Union Award for Cultural Heritage

first_imgThe European Union’s cultural heritage awards were presented in Berlin last weekend. The winners of the awards were announced in May by the European Commission and the leading European heritage network – Europa Nostra. Among the 29 winners of this prestigious award from as many as 17 European Union countries who excelled in conservation, research, dedicated work, education, training and raising awareness of cultural heritage, there was an authentic Croatian story. Namely, it is the Museum of the Sinj Alka.Europa Nostra was founded in 1963 as a pan-European association of civil society organizations operating in more than 40 European countries. The organization’s goal is to save endangered European monuments, places and landscapes, supported by a wide network of public institutions, private companies and individuals. Today, Europa Nostra is considered the voice of civil society dedicated to preserving and promoting Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. Its current president is the world-famous opera singer and conductor Placido Domingo, and the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage, or the Europa Nostra Prize, which he has led since launching in 2002, contributes to the design and implementation of European heritage strategies and policies.Launched by the European Commission, the award aims to highlight and promote excellent examples in heritage conservation, research, management, volunteering, education and communication. The award, which seeks greater recognition of cultural heritage as a strategic resource of the European economy and society, is also supported by an EU program called “Creative Europe”.In a 16-year tradition, a total of 2.883 applications were submitted, and in the meantime, as many as 485 projects from 34 countries were awarded. Spain leads in the number of awards, first on the list with as many as 64; it is followed by the United Kingdom with 60 awards, while Italy is in third place with 41 awards.The EU Cultural Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award has strengthened the capacity of the European heritage heritage sector, and by highlighting best conservation practices, has encouraged a number of cross-border knowledge exchanges by connecting participants into a large network of contacts. On the other hand, for the winners, this prestigious award brings greater international recognition, opens up new funding opportunities and increases the number of visitors, while at the same time raising awareness of the common heritage and European identity. Also, the award is a key tool for promoting European heritage, especially in this, 2018, which has been declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage.In the spirit of the current European Year, it seeks to understand the past in order to create a stable starting point for a common future. The focus is on the interpretation of cultural heritage in the context of building a stronger society, job creation and prosperity, the importance of heritage in building relationships with the rest of the world and how, precisely because of these benefits, ultimately protect it. The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage people to explore Europe’s cultural heritage, then to protect and recognize its unique value and to reflect on the place that cultural heritage occupies in the lives of Europeans.This year’s awards ceremony took place as part of the European summit on cultural heritage. The meeting, entitled “Heritage Exchange – Exchange of Values”, was organized by Europa Nostra, the German Cultural Heritage Committee and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation with the aim of promoting the European Agenda and the Cultural Heritage Action Plan as a permanent legacy. .to June 18th. The European Heritage Award Ceremony, held on 24 June at the Berlin Congress Center, was hosted by European Commissioner Tibor Navracsics and Placido Domingo, while the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Germany was attended by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank- Walter Steinmeier. An independent jury selected the best of the 22 entries, including successful and award-winning projects to restore a Byzantine church in Greece, develop a new method of preserving the heritage of European historic houses, establish a cultural education program in Finland related to cultural heritage and others.But among all the commendable European projects, there was one domestic one.The Sinj Alka Museum was opened on its 300th anniversary, in 2015, five years after the Sinj Alka was inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The museum is dedicated to the annual knights’ tournament which is held in Sinj every August, and with the opening of this Museum, the alka becomes available throughout the year and provides a newer and more complete insight into the history and significance of this custom. The museum is intended for all age groups, and through an interactive and multimedia exhibition space it strives to provide as detailed information as possible about various elements of the competition, rules and history. Numerous educational workshops and lectures are organized in the Museum, while the visitor is provided with an insight into the digital archive, which includes videos from the competition and the procession.However, what needs to be emphasized, and what the jury did not miss, is that this Museum with its work and activities in a tangible and visible way contributes to the development and improvement of tourist infrastructure of Sinj, as well as the preservation of this intangible heritage.”This award is of exceptional importance to us and we are extremely honored that it was won by the Museum of the Sinj Alka in such a strong competition. We received the award in one of the seven categories offered, namely Education, training and awareness raising. Every award and recognition for work, including this one, is a valuable promotion of the Museum and the City, as well as the entire Republic of Croatia in the wider European and world context. I believe that it will have a positive impact on the work of the Museum, but also on the tourism of Sinj, which is an excellent introduction to the upcoming 303rd Sinj Alka.”, Said the head of the Sinjska Alka Museum, Boris Filipović Grčić.The Sinj Alka Museum was initiated and financed by the Sinj Knights of Alka, and is co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia and local and regional self-governments. You can follow the work of the Museum on the official one website i Facebook profile.last_img read more