Teenage mother allegedly watches twins die at WDRH

first_img– accuses doctors, nurses of negligenceA young mother has blamed doctors and nurses at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) for the death of her twin babies on Saturday last.The teenage mother, Preya Eshwar of Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), explained that at about 04:00h on Saturday, she was at home and began to feel contractions. As such, she was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where she was examined and told she had developed an infection.Doctors there referred her to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where her tribulations began. According to the aggrieved mother, whilst there, she was further examined and told that the infection could cause her to lose her babies. She was already in the seventh month of her pregnancy.Nevertheless, she revealed that she was given a drip to induce labour and then left alone for close to two hours. After she began to cry out for unbearable pain, she was wheeled to a delivery room in the upper flat of the hospital and left unattended for another hour.The young woman related that she felt her babies kicking and as such called out to doctors. She subsequently delivered her first baby. “When the first one came out, he was crying loudly so they put him on my stomach even though I still hadn’t given birth to the second one,” the teenager stressed.She gave birth to her second child but the doctors and nurses at the hospital were too busy recording her to notice that the baby had fallen into the bedpan.“They deh laughing as I am in pain trying to push out my second baby. And a Cuban doctor had her phone and she was videoing me, I don’t know why. The baby came out and fall into the bedpan,” Eshwar cried.The baby was reportedly picked up and also placed on her stomach crying. A nurse reportedly clothed the babies and placed them under a light in the delivery room before leaving.“They leave my babies crying and shivering under a light because the room was very cold… they didn’t even try to help them, they just left them to die right in front of my eyes… I watched my babies die”.Later, the babies were removed by nurses and Eshwar was told that she had given birth to stillborn babies. “They tell me that my babies couldn’t live because their lungs wasn’t developed enough but how could they decide that and just leave them to die?” Eshwar questioned.The young woman and her family are calling on the Public Health Ministry to look into the issue and are warning pregnant women against going to the medical facility to give birth.“Them nurses that they have looking after you, all of them look young just like me and they deh on their phones while I was in pain… this was the worst thing I ever experienced… the Ministry needs to look into this and nobody should go there, pay ya’ll money and go private… one of the nurse said that my babies make 20 for the month that they lost,” the frustrated and aggrieved mother stated.last_img read more