Manager not punished over sex comment

first_img An employment law consultancy has defended its decision not to discipline a male manager after a remark he made led to a successful sex discrimination claim.Manchester-based Peninsula Business Services lost a case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal brought by former employee Barbara Driskel.The tribunal heard Mike Huss told her prior to the interview that “she had better wear a short skirt and see-through blouse, to persuade him to give her the job”. It was satisfied that he had made several such comments.Peninsula is a legal firm with a consulting arm offering advice to employers on how to avoid tribunal claims. Huss continues to work at the firm.The firm admitted one remark of a sexual nature was made. “It was in the context of a department where there was a fair bit of banter, not just sexual. She took it in good stead and gave an equally amusing remark back,” said Anthony Sutcliffe, director of consultancy at Peninsula.He argued it could be defensible to use such language in the workplace in certain circumstances.Driskel began complaining when she felt someone else was being preferred for promotion, Sutcliffe added. She attended the interview in conventional clothing, but left before it ended. Driskel later refused to work with the manager, and was dismissed. She took her claim to an employment tribunal, which rejected it, but this was overturned on appeal, although she lost the claim of unfair dismissal. Manager not punished over sex commentOn 28 Mar 2000 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Freeport Pedestrian Fatally Hit by Car

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 53-year-old man was fatally struck by a vehicle while crossing Sunrise Highway in Freeport on Tuesday night.Nassau County police said the pedestrian was walking across Route 27 at the corner of North Long Beach Road when he was hit by a westbound Subaru shortly before 9 p.m.The victim was taken to Nassau University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. His identity was not immediately released.Homicide Squad detectives conducted a safety check on the car and found no apparent criminality on behalf of the 49-year-old driver, police said. Detectives are continuing the investigation.last_img

‘The Walking Dead’ Turns Philosophical On Us and We Say ‘Bring It On!’

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Lissa HarrisAll over social media I saw complaints about Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead.  Some called it a “snoozefest.” Others said that it paled in comparison to last week’s episode, which was arguably the most violent of the series. And that’s saying something.But I beg to differ. Anyone who thought this last episode was boring doesn’t understand what this show is trying to achieve. Let me take a stroll down the memory lane of past episodes to explain why “Here’s Not Here” was so important to the series.From season one, we are told that walkers are not the only ambulatory bodies to fear. Humans can be downright terrifying when put into situations of high danger and imminent threat to their safety and well-being.  That is why there’s “road rage.” The world of TWD is “road rage” multiplied by a googol. Here, tensions are ramped up so high that anyone would jump a mile at the sound of a loud fart. In this situation some people adopt a kind of kill or be killed attitude seemingly out of necessity. Case in point, the Stanford prison experiments conducted in 1971 in which two groups of people were placed in a fake prison where some were arbitrarily made guards and the others were inmates. As the experiment continued, some guards became increasingly cruel. After only 36 hours, “experimenters reported that approximately one-third of the guards exhibited genuine sadistic tendencies.”In this show, Merle Dickson is the first character to cause concern, making several violent threats to some other members of the group. Merle is a racist, a misogynist, and a sadist, all bound up in a white trash wrapper. He is a bad guy chained to a rooftop and left to die, but not on purpose. T-Dog went back for him when the walkers started swarming but he dropped the handcuff key down a grate before he could set Merle free. Problem solved, at least temporarily, and no one had to get Merle’s blood on their hands because killing the living, even nasty ones, is morally wrong.Or is it?Season two fine-tuned this philosophical debate by pitting the two main protagonists, Rick and Shane, against each other. Shane thinks Rick is too soft to keep the group safe because he lacks the grit to make the hard decisions. Rick believes Shane is a dangerous man who has gone down a path of destruction and violence that will rob him of his very soul. Enter the good hearted. Hershel is a peaceful farmer who has no idea how violent the world has become. He’s trying to save walkers for a future cure. He even prohibits guns on the farm. Dale tries to convince the group to spare a young prisoner they’ve captured from a violent gang.In this season, Shane sacrifices Otis to get medicine to save Carl. OMG, where are the norms and mores of this model society? What are we supposed to believe about the rules now?Seasons three, four, five, and six have continued to challenge all we hold dear. We are introduced to the power hungry Governor and the cannibals at Terminus, characters who are high on the threat scale. Then we meet Joe and his group who are about to rape Carl when Rick kills them. And we come face to face with characters Aiden, Father Gabriel and Nicholas who endanger our protagonists by allowing their fear to direct their bad decision making.At last, we finally understand that there is no other way but to kill those who pose a threat to the group’s survival.  We even start to root for the death of those who are merely weak, like the throw-away character Carter, who gets bitten by a walker. Rick immediately  snuffs him out to prevent Carter’s cries of pain from attracting more walkers.Then there’s last week’s episode—and Glen, oh Glen! Are you dead, Glen? Rick may have blood on his hands, but others remain who’ve never killed the living, proving that it was possible for us all to survive without losing our humanity in the process.  We know what the death of Glen would mean. It would mean the end of everything pure and good. The end of forgiveness and love and anything that is still decent and pure in this cesspool of a world. It would mean the end of compassion, the end of human connection.Or would it?Finally we get to Sunday night’s episode, “Here’s Not Here.” It’s peaceful in tone, slow in tempo, and lit as if the sun is either just coming up or just going down. It is Morgan’s backstory, what he has been doing since Rick and Michonne left him in Georgia crazy and muttering to himself.Enter Eastman, who finds Morgan trying to steal his goat and puts him in an unlocked cell for days before convincing him to stay as his companion. Eastman killed even before the world went to hell. He slew the murderer of his wife and two children by starving him to death over the course of 47 days. And yet Eastman tells Morgan that his revenge killing brought him no peace. He is responsible for Morgan’s new tag line, “All life is precious,” as well as his newfound skills with a bamboo bo staff.This was no filler episode. This was the show-runner’s way of once again messing up our sense of right and wrong as we watch this new world that makes no goddamn sense to us. Eastman is a new breed; a man who is trusting but ready to defend himself in very lethal ways. He will no longer kill another living thing. He was surviving with love and compassion.But the episode turns us around again! We realize that Morgan has been telling his story to a captured member of the “Wolves” gang who has the darkest eyes and brownest teeth I’ve ever seen. This prisoner reveals that he has been bitten and will probably die. But if he survives, he insists he will kill every man, woman and child in Alexandria without hesitation. Morgan locks the prisoner in his cell, proving that he is still struggling with Eastman’s peaceful way.This philosophical debate has finally reached the point where both sides have become almost completely fused together in some grotesque grafting. And my prediction is that it will continue to volley us back and forth emotionally and intellectually until we are so sick and dizzy we won’t know whom we should root for.Most boring TWD episode ever? No way. This was time for reflection.(Photo credit: The Walking Dead/Facebook)last_img read more

Builder Totalindo eyes Rp 3 trillion in contracts in 2020

first_imgPublicly listed construction company PT Totalindo Eka Persada has achieved 10 percent of its target to book Rp 3 trillion (US$218 million) in new contracts in 2020, following its weak financial performance and plummeting share prices last year. Totalindo booked Rp 309.1 billion in new projects by February, the company’s director Eko Wardoyo said during an event at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in Jakarta on Friday. The projects include Sky House apartment in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Banten; Hotel Lido Extention in Sukabumi, West Java; and Halam Network International.  The company will also continue construction of carry-over projects from 2019 valued at Rp 1.43 trillion, including 31 Sudirman Suites in Makassar, South Sulawesi; Kingland Avenue apartment in South Tangerang, Banten; as well as Nuansa Cilangkap and Klapa Village Tower B in East Jakarta. The projects will go ahead, Totalindo executives said, although the company booked Rp 30 billion in losses in the third quarter of 2019, the latest available financial performance indicator.“[The loss] was due to tax audits in 2016, which had to be included in our September 2019 financial report. We had to pay Rp 64 billion in tax with [around] Rp 30 billion in penalties,” Eko explained. The figure was jarring because in the second quarter of 2019, the company recorded Rp 60 billion in profit, a 46.3 percent increase from the quarter before. The company also increased its revenue by 63.5 percent to Rp 631 billion in the third quarter of 2019, from Rp 386 billion the previous quarter. In addition, the price of Totalindo’s shares, which are traded under the code TOPS on the IDX, nosedived throughout 2019. In the past year, the stocks have fallen 93.79 percent from a price of Rp 805 per share to Rp 50 at close of trading on Friday. “Aside from TOPS, other issuers, both private and state-owned, recorded similar performances because the property sector is [limping]. The share prices of construction issuers generally declined, but TOPS’ plunge was quite deep,” Eko said. The IDX recorded that the property, real estate and building construction sector has fallen 9.53 percent year-to-date, a steeper decline than the Jakarta Composite Index, which fell 5.67 percent during the same time period. (ydp)Topics :last_img read more

Yaroslav Kuznetsov – On the Kiev Major and esports in Russia

first_imgYaroslav KuznetsovYaroslav Kuznetsov is a former Dota 2 pro player who now makes a living as a caster, event host and media commentator in the scene. He does this as a member of the RuHub Studio – an esports streaming and content creation studio in the CIS. Kuznetsov is working as an analyst for the Russian speaking audience of the Dota 2 tournament – the Kiev Major. With a prize pool of $3 million (£2.3m) there’s a lot on the line for the world’s best Dota 2 players.Yaroslav discussed his predictions for the Kiev Major, whether esports can hope to compete with their traditional counterparts and gave some insight into his own role and RuHub Studio. This is a guest post by freelance writer Iain Fenton. You can follow him on Twitter here. Esports Insider: Hi Yaroslav. In regards to the Kiev Major, who do you see as the main frontrunners? Yaroslav: It’s particularly hard to predict at this time! There are so many dark horses. But in my honest opinion IG, [iG Vitality] OG, VP, [Virtus.Pro] and Team Secret stand a good chance. ESI: What is your main role in the esports world? You mainly commentate and critique on Dota 2 tournaments?Yaroslav: I actually have two jobs. The first is the commentating and analysis of big Dota 2 tournaments. The second is the creation of Dota 2’s educational content for Russian-speaking users.“Russia is generally strong in esports; we have a very good team in Dota 2 and CS:GO and have a lot of good players in Hearthstone too”At the moment, my channel on YouTube has already grown to more than 550,000 subscribers. But I perform both of these jobs as a member of the RuHub studio – the biggest CIS streaming , coverage and content creation esports studio.ESI: In general what is the perception of esports in Russia? Esports are classified as a ‘real sport’ in Russia so are the top gamers seen as athletes?Yaroslav: ‘Cybersport’ in Russia is very popular, especially Dota 2 and CS: GO. Ever since the Epicenter series began to be held here, the opinion of the public and media has also improved and is no longer so negative. “There are so many dark horses. But in my honest opinion IG, [iG Vitality] OG, VP, [Virtus.Pro] and Team Secret stand a good chance (in the Kiev Major)”Despite the fact that esports is officially recognised as a sport, this does not particularly affect the life of cyber sportsmen. These changes were not so long ago, so they have not yet had much power to influence this situation. That said since 2016 in Russia we have an official national (and annual) esports cup. This is an esports alternative to something like a nationwide championship in football or hockey.ESI: Compared to other nations, how successful are Russians in esports? You mentioned Dota and CS:GO are the most popular…how would the nation fare in a World Cup situation?Yaroslav: Russia is generally strong in esports; we have a very good team in Dota 2 and CS:GO and have a lot of good players in Hearthstone too. It depends, of course, on what games would be played on this World Cup. Because, for example, Russia doesn’t have a world-class team in LoL, HotS or Overwatch, but I think Russia, one way or another would deliver a decent result at such an event!ESI: How are Russian organisational bodies and the Russian government helping with esports in the country? One oligarch recently invested a lot of money..Yaroslav: The government does not yet take an active role, but business has become interested in esports quite seriously. The esports sphere is young, but it has a solid growth potential and this always attracts investors.Relatively recently, Alisher Usmanov, one of Russia’s wealthiest businessmen, invested $100m into How popular are esports with Russians? More popular than football or hockey?Yaroslav: This question is really complicated. It is probably unlikely that anyone will be able to answer it unambiguously at the moment. The popularity of football or hockey is traditionally determined by television ratings. And esports, almost completely, is based on the internet. This means that in the end, it’s hard to put them side by side. I think, so far, esports has not yet reached the same popularity as football or hockey, but it seems to me that in the next five to ten years the situation will change and esports could be legitimately compared with them.ESI: Will esports ever compete against traditional sports or do you think esports can work with traditional sports in order for them both to increase in popularity? Are Russian businesses doing all they can to grow esports in both Russia and the world?Yaroslav: It seems to me that esports will simply become a common and everyday thing. Maybe it will eventually be included in the Olympic Games, why not? So I do not think these two need to be competitors. At the moment, traditional sports look at esports with caution, but that is simply because not everyone has yet understood what it is. New things are often perceived with hostility.“I see regulated gambling as having a very positive effect on the development of the sphere”That part of Russian business that has already come to esports is very interested in its popularisation both in Russia and the wider world. But we are only at the beginning of the road. I think in the coming years we will see many new investments and joint esports with sport and esports business projects.ESI: What age of people are esports advertisers aiming their advertisements towards? I guess the younger generation?Yaroslav: Yes, it is considered that the average age is about 20. But it is constantly growing, many older people are starting to learn about esports right now. In addition, the entire audience is growing along with esports. Thus, the average age of the audience every year increases a little.ESI: Do you see gambling as a problem in esport competitions?Yaroslav: No. On the contrary, I see regulated gambling as having a very positive effect on the development of the sphere. If a person makes a bet, then the game becomes much more interesting to them. Remove gambling from a big sport and it will also lose a huge part of its audience. Of course, gambling must be regulated by laws, I only support above board, legal and certified gambling.You can follow Yaroslav on Twitter here.For all the latest news and to check esports betting odds surrounding the Kiev Major as well as other esports tournaments, follow this link.last_img read more