Memorable quit smoking ad uses handdrawn animated monkeys

first_imgGetting people to even think about quitting smoking is a tough job for health organizations and advertisers. That’s mainly because there’s a pretty strong addiction involved that usually wins out over the willpower required to stop. So in recent times shock and scare tactics have been employed in anti-smoking campaigns. That’s why we see such graphic pictures on packets of cigarettes alongside large-print warning messages about how you will probably die by continuing to smoke those cancer sticks.Design studio Make has taken a different approach with its latest anti-smoking ad campaign, and it certainly leaves a lasting impression. There’s no shocks or scary images in these ads. Instead, Make used a hand-drawn character animation of a monkey to depict the monkey on your back that is a smoking addiction.I think it does a great job of depicting smoking as what it is: an annoyance that’s always there in the background, and one that is really difficult to get rid of due to the side effects of cutting off that nicotine supply. At the same time, it’s a great demonstration of using a green screen combined with the work a good character animator can produce.The adverts took a bit of trial and error to achieve as the making of video below shows. Getting the actors to react properly to the non-existent monkey was key, and a fake tongue stuck to what looks like the end of a pencil turned out to be key.via Cartoon Brew and Makelast_img read more