The ‘miracles’ of Tercera

first_imgThe Royal Spanish Football Federation proposed yesterday an alternative to close the 2019-20 season in Second B, Third, lower categories, women’s football and futsal. In it, he eliminated the declines, ended the regular season and did consider a Playoff promotion still to be defined. The measure has to be approved by the territorial federations in the next dates, but if it is finally confirmed, it would give wings to clubs condemned to the abyss, which would receive an unsuspected opportunity.Although the measure has been criticized by authorized voices, by punishing those who are close to reaching the goal or by complicating the coming seasons, many other clubs have received it as an oxygen cylinder. Looking at the Second B and Third Division classifications, there are obvious examples:–The Villegas. Group XVI of the Third Division, corresponding to La Rioja, has a great battle at the top between SD Logroñés and Varea. The lower part is more uneven and has the worst bottom in the entire category. Villegas has only seven points, has won two games throughout the season, has scored 13 goals and has received a whopping 101. His descent was virtual and not even a miracle saved him from burning … The club has not pronounced, although it seems complicated that it is against it.–The Valdivia. The Extremaduran group, led by Villanovense, also has an outstanding bottom: Valdivia. He has not conceded as many goals, but has only been able to win one match. With 30 points to go, he was 22 from the fourth down the queue. Impossible to save. Now they would receive a new opportunity to demonstrate that they are capable of doing the same thing on the field of play as on the console. The club was recently crowned champion of the charity tournament organized by Group XIV clubs.–The Fontellas. It is not as drastic as those previously exposed, but the bottom of the Navarrese group also had it very difficult to save the category. With 13 points in 27 days, he had to, at least, double his score in the eleven final appointments to be eligible for permanence. The penultimate, the Club Deportivo Baztán, also had to row against the current. The profession is carried inside and no one has spoken about the federative news.–The CE Esporles. It is not so far from its rivals for the permanence, but a victory in 23 days and only 14 goals in favor left the permanence in feat. Unlike other cases, the Balearic club has shared the news from the RFEF, although it has not made evaluations in this regard. Before the crisis of # COVID19 The RFEF proposes in its statement this afternoon the following:▪ End the season expressly ❌, without decreases ⬇▪ Play only Promotion Playoff ⬆, single match🆚 and on neutral field 🏟.Sanseros what do you think of this proposal?– UD Sanse (Stay on 🏘) (@UDSanse) April 14, 2020He Tudelano, to seven of the permanence; he Hercules, in a gray season; or the Villarrobledo, far from maintaining the category, are other examples. Anyway, the idea has not left anyone indifferent. Castellón or Unión Deportiva Logroñés, leaders of their groups, have also publicly positioned themselves against that the regular season doesn’t end. They already had their presence in the Playoff guaranteed, but even so, they do not support the circular of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.See the Second Division B rankings. –Alhaurin de la Torre. The Andalusian club was saved last season despite massive declines from Group IX of the Third Division. This year, things were not going as planned and the team closed the classification with 13 points and a total of 74 conceded goals. By far the worst on the table in this regard. Striking: the group has gone from eight descents to none and Alhaurín de la Torre is one of the great beneficiaries.–Villaverde. It is not one of the worst bottoms, far from the Third Division, but the Madrid group is governed by maximum equality. With 19 points, 33 of Alcobendas, San Fernando or 34 of Moratalaz or El Álamo seemed unattainable in ten days.–Beniganim. In a similar case to Villaverde, the Valencian club has 16 points, an insufficient figure compared to the high level shown by the teams that are ahead in the classification. Doubling his score in ten days to fight to save himself seemed like an impossible mission.Consult the Third Division classifications.The ‘miracles’ in Second Division BThey’re not that drastic, but the occasional Second B club has seen in this federal proposal the opportunity to stay with the best one more season. In addition, the reform of the coming competition could favor them when taking a step forward in search of permanence. Sanse is one of the most striking cases. With 19 points, he was fifteen from the PlayOut zone with ten days to go. Perhaps with an ironic touch, they launched this question on networks: “Sanseros, what do you think of this proposal?“last_img read more