BENS BLOG I am Howard Hughes without the dough

first_img[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f Woody Allen hadn’t achieved fame and fortune, as a world celebrated, actor and film director, wouldn’t everyone have just had him down as a weirdo to be avoided? writes BEN KEITH (right).If Steve Jobs didn’t click his way, to becoming an incredibly wealthy computer person, wouldn’t everyone have just thought he’s yet another tedious computer nerd, and spoken to him in an off-hand manner, when he couldn’t mend their mouse?If Howard Hughes hadn’t forged his way, as a super-wealthy, inventor and tycoon, wouldn’t he just have been dismissed as an eccentric, highly odd recluse?Why do I feel everyday that the World misunderstands me, Blog? I’m not an eccentric, highly odd recluse. I’m simply Howard Hughes, without the dough!!In other news:The Male Dept. of The Elderly and Infirm has been staying with me this evening. Whilst reading through The Times, he has allowed me the benefit of his current political and current affairs opinions (I include below, Blog, for your perusal):Dewani – guilty as hell and why did he marry her?Pistorius – he’ll get 7 and was a highly unimpressive witness.Nick Clegg – will probably lose seat at next election.The Liberals – will be annihilated.The Tories – will probably go for a smear campaign against UKIP, and just about everyone else, no-one will fall for it, and it’ll fuck up in their faces. (My father has always had a rather worrying, left-leaning view, Blog.)Labour – they chose the wrong Miliband.Ebola – we should keep the ‘Ebolans’ out (what a truly fabulous word he has invented there.)I shall leave you with this, Blog.Over and out, B xlast_img read more